Typhoon to hit sgroup braceletsouthern Chinese province

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HAIKOU -- South China"s Hainan province issued an alert for a forthcoming typhoon Monday morning, adding that the province would see heavy rains in the following days.

The provincial meteorological administration said that a tropical depression on the South China Sea is expected to upgrade to a typhoon between Monday night and Tuesday. The typhoon will make landfall or pass the eastern coastal areas of Hainan around Tuesday night.

Hainan Maritime Safety Administration said passenger ship services across the Qiongzhou Strait, between Hainan and Guangdong, would be halted from 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Local meteorological department said the island will be hit by gales and rain from Tuesday to Thursday.

Boats in the central and northern waters of the South China Sea and around Hainan have been informed to return to harbors. Water activities and sports in tourist attractions have also been suspended for safety reasons.

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