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For over 40 years, Aluma Graphics has been committed to providing our clients custom Functional Identification Products with short lead-times, outstanding quality, competitive pricing, and industry leading customer service.  As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to begin another chapter to our story of commitment, quality, and value.  Effective December 9, 2016, Randy Kearby, a 23-year veteran of Aluma Graphics, has been hired to serve as the new General Manager of Aluma Graphics.

Randys experience, leadership, and vision are poised to take Aluma Graphics to the next level in the production of custom labels, decals, nameplates, and specialty identification products manufactured to our clients exact specifications.  In addition to our existing capabilities, Randy will be expanding our products to include large-format waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, CNC routing, metal fabrication, and more.

Over the coming weeks, Randy and his team will be leading out in connecting with you, our customers.  We value your business and want to give you the opportunity to provide the feedback that will help us continue to improve our services during this transition of renewed focus.

We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to continue providing you with the quality products Aluma Graphics is known for.  If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Aluma Graphics Expands Doming Process With Liquid Lens

When companies want to elevate their branded products or add an extra layer of protection for labels and decals, the doming process is a popular choice. Aluma Graphics provides 3D doming for identification products, which offers a wide array of decorative, yet functional options to fit the needs of many clients application needs. It is a print finish process that a clear, polyurethane resin is dispensed over a 2D image; by a precise manipulation of the resin, it then flows from the center to the edges and transforms identification products such as labels, nameplates and logos into a 3D dome shape. To meet the doming demands and needs of our customers, we expanded our doming process and acquired a Liquid Lens doming machine, which is advances our 3D dome printing process.

The Liquid Lens Opal Doming machine is designed to achieve high quality domed labels by applying measured quantities of mixed polyurethane resin and catalyst to pre-printed labels. With the Liquid Lens doming machine, Aluma Graphics in-house doming process has become more efficient to provide faster turnaround for our customers. The new machine combines programmable logic controller technology, a dispensing head and resin flow valve, which reliably provides simple and clean results for dome printed products.

When using the new Liquid Lens doming machine, it only requires 3 steps to produce outstanding results for our customers products. As experts in many graphic printing processes, the benefit of simplifying the doming process is an added value for our customers. The Liquid Lens allows our team to take your companys identification product printing needs to the next level by ensuring you will receive exactly what you ordered and receive it back even faster than before.

With thedoming processyour identification products will not only be given a raised, decorative look, but it will also give your graphic an extra layer of resistance. They will become more resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and excessive use, which extend the use life of your 3D domed identification products. The Polyurethane material used in the doming process is washable, has a high resistance to scratches and impact, and lasts longer than other standard ID product printing methods and materials. Due to its strength and durability, products printed using the 3D doming process is ideal for use in many different industries including medical, aquamarine and boating, aerospace, manufacturing and much more. Many industries choose the 3D doming application for their ID badges, nameplates, control panels, branding, and other business materials.

No matter the application or product, 3D doming is a popular choice when your business materials and identification products need added durability and a unique decorative design. With our many printing processes, including the doming process, we can provide all of your functional identification product needs forlabels and decals,overlays,nameplatesandcontrol panels. With the recent addition of the Liquid Lens doming machine, Aluma Graphics can take your graphic printing needs to the next level with efficient, clean and reliable results.

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