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An exciting feature of the HTML specification thats been getting a bit of hype recently is custom HTML elements. These allow you to create your own HTML elements along with their own JavaScript API. This can be useful when building interfaces with components that are reused throughout an application.

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In this blog post youre going to learn how to create your own HTML elements and define a JavaScript API for them.

Thedocument.registerElement()method is used to create a custom HTML element. This should be passed as the name of your custom element along with an (optional) object that defines the API.

In the following example we simply create a new HTML element calledx-treehouseand then add it to the page.

This would add the following HTML to the end of thebodyelement:

The name of your custom elementmustcontain a dash (-) so that the browsers parser can determine between standard and custom HTML elements. This also means that you wont encounter problems if a new HTML element is introduced that uses the same name as your custom element.

You can define a JavaScript API for your custom element that consists of a number of methods and properties. To do this, start by creating a new JavaScript object. This can be done using theObject.create()method. PassingHTMLElement.prototypeto this method will create an object with the standard set of methods and properties available to HTML elements.

You can then define your custom methods on this new object, as shown below.

To define a property for your custom element you can use theObject.defineProperty()method. The first parameter should be your prototype object; the second is the name of the property; and the third should be an object describing the behaviour of that property. This is where you can set a default value as well as specify whether the property is writable or read-only.

Once youve defined the API for your custom element, you need to calldocument.registerElement(). Use the name of your custom element as the first parameter, and then pass in an object with a property namedprototype. The value of this property should be set to the prototype object you created earlier.

Once youve registered your custom element, you can create a new instance of the element and add it to the page.

The methods and properties you defined earlier can be accessed just as you would on any other HTML element.

As well as creating your own custom elements, you can also use theregisterElement()method to extend the functionality of existing HTML elements. Lets extend theimgelement to create a variation for displaying thumbnail images.

You start by creating a prototype object as we did before. This time, however, you want to copy the prototype object of the element you are extending. In this case, that will be theHTMLImageElement.

Next you define a function for thecreatedCallback, which is fired when the element is created. (More on callbacks is in the next section.) Here we can set the width and height of the image.

You can also define custom methods and properties as before.

When extending an existing element, you need to add theextendsproperty to your options object in the call todocument.registerElement(). This property should be set to the name of the element you are extending.

To use your custom element, you can now specify anisattribute on the element that you have extended. Setting the value of this attribute to the name of your custom element will tell the browser that thisimgelement should use the API defined forthumb-img.

There are a number of callbacks that you can listen for when creating and managing your custom elements.

Called when a custom element is created.

Called when a custom element is inserted into the DOM.

Called when a custom element is removed from the DOM.

attributeChangedCallback(attrName, oldValue, newValue)

Called when an attribute on a custom element changes.

You specify functions for these callbacks on the prototype object thats passed todocument.registerElement().

var XTreehouseProto = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype); XTreehouseProto.createdCallback = function() XTreehouseProto.attachedCallback = function() XTreehouseProto.detachedCallback = function() XTreehouseProto.attributeChangedCallback = function(attrName, oldValue, newValue) var XTreehouse = document.registerElement(x-treehouse, prototype: XTreehouseProto );

The true power of custom elements becomes clear when you think about how they can be used alongsideShadow DOM. This makes it really easy to create reusable interface components.

Using custom elements and shadow DOM to create reusable product cards.

In this section were going to look at an example of how you can use custom elements and Shadow DOM to create an interface component for displaying products in a web store. The idea here is that a web developer can easily create new products by adding a single line of HTML to their markup. All of the information needed to display the product is contained withindata-attributes on the custom element.

Well start by create a new prototype object based off ofHTMLElement.prototype.

Next we need to set up a function forcreatedCallback. This is where we will create theimgandaelements that are responsible for displaying the product. Ill show you the code first and then walk you through it.

// Set up the element. XProductProto.createdCallback = function() // Create a Shadow Root var shadow = this.createShadowRoot(); // Create an img element and set its attributes. var img = document.createElement(img); img.alt = this.getAttribute(data-name); img.src= this.getAttribute(data-img); img.width = 150; img.height = 150; img.className = product-img; // Add the image to the Shadow Root. shadow.appendChild(img); // Add an event listener to the image. img.addEventListener(click, function(e) window.location = this.getAttribute(data-url); ); // Create a link to the product. var link = document.createElement(a); nerText = this.getAttribute(data-name); link.href= this.getAttribute(data-url); link.className = product-name; // Add the link to the Shadow Root. shadow.appendChild(link); ;

Here we start by creating a new Shadow Root. If youre not familiar with using the Shadow DOM, you might want to check out myprevious post. We then create animgelement and set itsalt,src,height, andwidthattributes using the information specified on thex-productelement.

Note: Inside the callback function,thisrefers to the custom element in your markup.

Next we add theimgelement to the shadow root and create a newaelement. Again we set the attributes on the element using information from thedata-attributes on the custom element. To finish up we add theaelement we just created to the shadow root.

Now we need to register the custom element. Calldocument.registerElement()passing inx-productas the element name, and specifying theXProductProtoobject as the prototype.

That concludes all the JavaScript code thats needed to get this demo working. Lets add a bit of CSS to style the product items.

x-product display: inline-block; float: left; margin: 0.5em; border-radius: 3 box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); font-family: Helvetica, arial, sans-serif; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; x-product::shadow .product-img cursor: pointer; background: FFF; margin: 0.5em; x-product::shadow .product-name display: block; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; color: 08C; border-top: 1px solid EEE; font-weight: bold; padding: 0.75em 0;

To display a product, we just need to add anx-productelement to the HTML markup. The product data is set using thedata-name,data-img, anddata-urlattributes. When the page loads, the browser will recognise these as custom elements and fire thecreatedCallbackevent for each of them.

x-product data-name=Ruby data-img= data-url= x-product data-name=JavaScript data-img= data-url= x-product data-name=Python data-img= data-url=

Thats it! Youve now created a demo application that uses custom elements and shadow DOM to display a series of products.

Check out the demo to see this in action.

Note:This demo requires Shadow DOM, which is only supported inChrome Canary.

Google Chrome (version 33+) and Opera are the only browsers with support for custom elements at the moment. However, there is a greatpolyfillavailable from thePolymerproject that will add support for custom elements to other browsers. Thex-tagspolyfill maintained by Mozilla is also very useful.

Download the Polymer CustomElements Polyfill

You can check to see if the users browser supports custom elements by looking for theregisterElement()method on thedocumentobject.

In this post youve learned how to create custom HTML elements for use within your web applications. Youve also seen how to use custom elements alongside other technologies like Shadow DOM to build rich front-end web applications.

Custom elements promise to give web developers the ability to extend the web platform to better meet their needs. Being part of the web components suite, custom elements also play nicely with other technologies such as Shadow DOM and HTML templates. Theres no doubt in my mind that the introduction of web components marks a huge leap forward in the development of front-end web applications. The more I learn about this suite of technologies, the more excited I get!

What do you think about custom elements? Are you planning to use them in your projects? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Hi , I am planning to use custom tag and to register with JS and have one question, if I will use my custom tag on page and load the related JS at the end of page this will going to break my page. why I am asking this as this cust-tag will be used as a component and I dont have control on target page how they are loading the JS , so do we have any mechanism to parse the only after JS loaded so it work irrespective if where JS included in page.

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you dont need to register the element with JS. that is just good practice

You wont be able to define an API for your element unless you use registerElement().

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Create and use custom SharePoint site designs in Office 365

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Create and use custom SharePoint site designs in Office 365

Create and use custom SharePoint site designs in Office 365

With great sites comes great responsibility and structure. It is the focus of IT and content managers to enable the business to achieve their outcomes while staying in compliance with company guidelines and preferences. And now you can with the ability to further customize the modern SharePoint sites experiences in a repeatable, programmatic way. We are pleased to announce that the ability to create and use custom site designs is rolling out to Targeted Release Office 365 customers.

As SharePoint team sites and communication sites become more organized according to the business, they, too, need to best align with the preferred look & feel and structure via use of custom site themes and custom site designs. And a tenant-wide gallery helps to ensure each site can be assigned the right set of themes and designs by the right people; it is possible to assign who can pick and use specific designs at the time when they create new sites.

Custom site designs and custom site themes apply to both team sites and communication sites, and provide you with flexibility and choice.

This week, well begin rolling out support for SharePoint administrators to create and upload custom site scripts and site designsalongside the previously released ability to manage custom site themes (NOTE: site theme configuration and customization is now released 100% worldwide production). Site designs help apply a consistent set of actions, such as setting the site theme, creating lists & columns, recording the new site URL to a log, or even sending an email to a person or group.

The site designs (and themes) are stored in a central, tenant-level gallery and can be applied to both team sites and communication sites. An approved user would see the custom site design as a choice during site creation after they click Create site from their SharePoint home in Office 365 after they select their site type. This custom site design is used to run and apply one or more site scripts for additional site configurations after the site is created.

The new site design framework enables customers to create and apply additional site configurations programmatically through and after the SharePoint site creation experienceensuring sites are configured correctly and consistently. To create and manage these files, you will need to be familiar with using our REST and PowerShell APIs as there is no visual experience available yet. It, too, is possible to leverage SharePoint development Patterns and Practices (PnP) more for complex scenarios; links to documentation and samples follow below.

As a part of the custom site design, you use site scripts to customize how SharePoint sites are being provisioned. To do this, you construct a JSON object (file) that describes the action(s) to be applied when the site is provisioned, or after. You can also start external Microsoft Flows for additional actions, if needed. Site scripts are non-destructive, so when they run (once or again), they ensure that the site matches the configuration prescribed in the script.

To go deeper into the topic from a custom development perspective, please watch the SharePoint PnP developer webcast Nov.30th.2017 community call (link jumps to site design section), and learn more about creating custom site designs with the now availableSharePoint site design and site script overviewdocumentation,remote PnP provisioning, andSharePoint site script samples.

Anytime is a valuable time to update your site to a professional look and feel. SharePoint site owners have new options for applying custom color palettes to sites, to make it easier to define and manage themes across site collections. This new capability provides site owners with eight configurable default themes that can be applied to all pages of the site; both within team sites and communication sites. Additionally, custom themes can be created and uploaded to a customers theme gallery and made available through the sameChange the lookpanel within each site.

The out-of-box SharePoint site themes meet the latest accessibility standards, with documented guidelines for creating accessible custom site themes.

To learn more about this previous released capability, please review the original release article, New site theming options for SharePoint sites in Office 365. And if you to go deeper into the topic from a custom perspective, please watch the SharePoint PnP developer webcast, Custom themes with modern SharePoint sites; in addition to documentation on creating and managingSharePoint site themesand use of theSharePoint theme generatortool.

We are always open to feedback viaUserVoiceand continued dialog in theSharePoint communityin the Microsoft Tech Community and we always have an eye on tweets . Let us know.

Mark Kashman, senior product manager for the SharePoint team

Note: you can now view the full, corresponding Microsoft Ignite 2017 breakout sessions:

Using custom themes and designs to standardize the creation of clean, functional SharePoint with Sean Squires.

Whats new and whats coming for branding and organizing your SharePoint sites with Denise Trabona & Melissa Torres.

Advancing the SharePoint Developer Community (PnP) with Vesa Juvonen & Erwin van Hunen.

This is great! cant wait to get it and try it out. Some of our clients have been waiting so theyll be happy.

I saw mandemo this on the call earlier this week for user group. Great article, wonderful demo, and cant wait to see this roll out to our tenant. Changing modern sites programmatically is a huge win. Thanks again for sharing!

Also like the fact that site design JSON schema has actions for adding content types and joining hub sites 🙂

Amazing was waiting for long will spin up some cool sites.

This is a good step in the modern experience for SharePoint. Is there a rough date on when this will be practical in a visual-manner instead of through REST and Powershell APIs? Is this something being worked on?

art- looping reswho can share more but expect that this would be something we highlight in our events this year and bring to market in the near future as a part of what is already in the plan. Sean talks about this in the video John highlights:

man- Wed be interested in simply being able to upload a site collection template and users being able to select them from a list after clicking New Site from the SharePoint home page. Is thislikely to happen?

@Andrew Silcock, that sounds like adding a site design/site script: Is that what youre looking for? If so, its generally available now. The Ignite video shared above also shows what it looks like in practice: Using custom themes and designs to standardize the creation of clean, functional SharePoint with Sean Squires.

@JasonOrtiz This is close, but without the scripting.

I would like to upload a few site templates and have the user choose a template and the site be created based on the template. Similar to how administrators are able to create a site collection based on a template at the moment.

@Andrew Silcock, if an admin uploads site designs via PowerShell, users will be able to select those from a dropdown list when theyre creating Team or Communication sites. My understanding is that the site design can also reference a site script that will provision other resources on the site. Attached screenshot of a slide from Ignite video for reference.

Thanks,@Jason Ortiz (PFE)I will investigate this one further!

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