Custom 3D Domed Labels – custom 3d dome labels

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Give your product a Cutting Edge look with custom Dome Labels!

The truth is, most people judge a product by its label. Featuring a durable, weather resistant, thick crystal-clear urethane dome; Dome labels add a glossy 3 dimensional look-raising your labels above the competition.

Make a good first impression with a Dome Label!

Doming as we call it, is applying a thick layer of a clear resin over the top of a label. The resin is applied in liquid form and allowed to harden. The dome will be glossy and look wet. This makes your company logo look like a dew drop, or a polished jewel, yet it is still flexible. The dome is generally Urethane, which is resistant to UV rays and most chemicals. The domed label is becoming more and more the standard, and you can see it emulated in print everywhere ( even Windows XP has a domed look on buttons). The custom imprint is 1-color to full-color, photo quality on Polyester, or spot colors on Vinyl, which can be metallic. We generally ship our labels on sheets.