Custom Badge Lapel Pins

Use employee recognition pins and custom lapel pins to honor your top performers. Between the beautiful metal finishes, doming, and award-winning art team, these custom lapel pins by Imprint Plus truly are keepsakes and designed to complement your customname tags.

Imprint Plus lapel pins couple perfectly with our reusable name badges. Lapel pins add valuable branding and/or messaging real estate to your lapel, giving you an additional opportunity to communicate memberships, certifications, awards, and more. Some of our customers have also been successful using our custom lapel pins as part of theiremployee recognition programs.

Lapel  pins are pretty standard in terms of how they work, but our superior  craftsmanship and award-winning screen-printing set them apart from the  competition. Like all our name badges, our lapel pins come standard in a  variety of shapes and sizes. We can also design and cut custom lapel pins to suit your  needs. Dream it and we can create it!

Major Global companies including  Holt Renfrew, Marriot and Hallmark rely on Imprint Plus dedication to quality  name badge products and affordable pricing. Key features for our award winning  custom lapel pins and employee recognition pins include:

Custom domed lapel pins for a leading Canadian retailer

Top quality screen-printing and craftsmanship

Perfect partner to thereusable name badge system

Adds more branding real estate to your lapel

Communicates seasonal messages, promotions and more

Flag lapel pins can communicate countries of origin and/or languages spoken

Ideal for seasonal greetings and holiday messages

Award lapel pins can form part of your employee recognition program

Eco-friendly lapel pins are reusable

Our standard lapel pins come in  four options:

Contact Imprint Plus, suppliers  of pin badges and custom lapel pins for  additional customized lapel pin options.

For more information about custom lapel pins,pin fasteners, employee recognition pins, and other pin badge options, or to learn more about utilizing seasonal, flag, and award lapel pins for your brand messaging, please contact our lapel pin experts: