Custom Copper and Sheet Metal Roofing

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This exclusive copper mansard located in the Bay Area creates an old-world look that will last the test of time and beauty.

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Like the look of shingles but want some appeal and longevity? CCSMR can fabricate and install copper shingles on your home. Call for a quote today!

Posted onJuly 19, 2018July 19, 2018AuthorGreg Anderson

As soon as we understood what our client was looking to accomplish, we went to work at making this corner home shine with detailed elegance! Our custom-fabricated, black sheet metal really made this standing seam roof stand out for all to see. It sprawls along an entire lot, right along a small shoreline in theRead More

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Posted onDecember 18, 2017December 18, 2017AuthorGreg Anderson

This beautiful home in the hills was designed with all the avant-garde amenities in mind. Coupled with the long-lasting durability of a standing seam roof by Custom Copper & Sheet Metal Roofing, this property will look great for decades to come.

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Posted onOctober 23, 2017October 23, 2017AuthorGreg Anderson

We love to help design, fabricate and install customized copper projects specific to your needs. In this case, the unique copper finial was the cherry on top.

Posted onMarch 31, 2016August 11, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

Metal roofs are extremely energy efficient which makes them a natural pairing with solar panel installations.

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Posted onFebruary 26, 2016August 10, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

Located on Linden Street in San Francisco, this structure has impressive modern design elements like indoor metal paneling, curved surfaces, varying angles, and features that extend out over the street. Any one of these elements could require a different specialized company to complete. But only a single company was needed because CCSMR was uniquely qualifiedRead More

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Posted onAugust 13, 2015August 16, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

This home in the remote hills of Mill Valley features clean modern lines accented with metal panels. The architect of this property worked with CCSMR to mix pristine and distressed metal styles to achieve a one of a kind look.

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Posted onAugust 7, 2015August 16, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

This hilltop dwelling mixes modern finishes with the look of distressed metal to form a bold statement.

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Posted onJuly 30, 2015August 16, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

The distinctive architecture and use of metal paneling creates a sophisticated look for this building on Market Street in San Francisco.

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Posted onJanuary 2, 2014August 16, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

This custom home uses copper gutters, curved roofs and a copper dome to add high end details.

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Posted onJune 6, 2013August 16, 2017AuthorCCSMR StaffLeave a comment

Copper adorns this building by the bay on curved surfaces and railings.

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