Custom Dog Tags Custom Cat Tags

Our custom pet tags are made from the best quality materials such as aluminum, nickel and stainless steel, as well as metal alloys like rust-proof brass. Many of our huge range of custom dog ID tags and custom cat ID tags feature colorful images made of enamel and our Bling range features sparkling Swarovski crystals. Many of our custom pet tags are epoxy coated for extra protection.

Whether your dog is an activeGolden Retriever, a sweetBichon Frise, loyalGerman Shepherd Dogor a pamperedPekingese, we are sure you will find the right custom dog tag for your pooch on our website.

Looking at a custom pet tag for your cat? Here at , we offer many different styles of custom cat tags to suit every cat, from the affectionateBurmeseto the gentleMaine Coonand stunningRussian Blue.

Our range of custom dog tags and custom cat tags includes a huge variety of different shapes and sizes to suit any pet. You will be spoilt for choice with our broad range of custom dog tags and custom cat ID tags. Our sturdy but stylish brass and stainless steel custom pet tags are perfect for your outdoor adventurer, our pretty hearts and Bling tags with Swarovski crystals will suit your pampered princess or a bone might suit the for your greedy pet … we have something for every dog and cat!

You can view our different custom pet ID tag ranges here:

To make your life easier, attach your custom dog ID tag or your custom cat ID tag to your pets collar with our lightweighteZeClipattachment.

All custom dog ID tags and custom cat ID tags are supplied with a strong split ring for attachment to your pets collar.

All our custom dog tags and custom cat tags are engraved using our state of the art laser engravers and are guaranteed for 5 years against breakage and fading*. (*Conditions apply).

You can choose what information you would like to have engraved on your custom dog tag or custom cat tag. We recommend for the pets name plus one or two contact numbers to be engraved on your custom pet tag.

Many pet owners prefer not to include an address on their custom pet tag for security reasons. Many custom dog tags and custom cat tags can be engraved on the front and back, and you can choose what information goes on each side of your custom pet tag when you place your order.

Custom dog ID tags and custom cat ID tags that feature images on the front can only be engraved on the back of the custom pet tag. The more information you require, the smaller the text will be on your custom pet tag.

As our custom dog ID tags and custom cat ID tags are deeply laser engraved, your custom pet tag/s may arrive with a bold finish. If this is the case, simply wipe over your custom pet tag/s with a cloth (e.g. polishing or jewelry) to smooth over the engraving and remove any excess fibers.