Custom Labels

Durable industrial labels withstand tough environmentsYour industrial labels construction directly impacts durability and long-term performance

From the get-go, our engineers and material experts will address your applications needs regarding durability, opacity, elasticity, ink formulation, product life issues, and more. Thanks to our special adhesives and tough-performing inks, Design Marks custom industrial labels will handle even the most punishing environments for the life of your product.

Communicate operating instructions?

Indicate regulatory and industry compliance?

Provide traceability with barcodes or serial numbers?

Whatever your needs, youll appreciate teaming with Design Mark for your custom industrial labels. We are authorized to reproduce the UL mark, and we maintain a catalog of common industry construction listings for indoor and outdoor use tested to UL969 standards.

Our long-lasting industrial labels withstand environmental demands and meet stringent standards, thanks to these features:

Traceability (serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes)

Compliance with certification requirements

Meeting your label needs with multiple printing options:

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