Custom Lockout Tags

Circuit Breaker And Switch Lockouts

Provide crucial warnings that protect workers operating and repairing machinery with hazardous energy. Custom lockout tags can help eliminate redundant fields that must be handwritten with each work order.

• Find both OSHA and ANSI based designs. The custom lockout tags below are easy to complete. Just add your own text.

• We offer an innovative, modular way to change the bottom of the tags signature area, as well as an easy way to swap out different tag back designs. For most designs, you can also swap out different headers and colors.

• For extra visibility, choose a striped border design. Your tag stands out from a cluttered background.

Learn how to design effective safety tags. Tags must be action oriented and avoid weasel words.

Custom Lockout Tags – Add your own photo

Our most popular tags are offered in six different materials and a variety of designs with embedded graphics. There is no extra cost for 2-sided printing and full color print.

Its easy to change any element of the template or add your own text. The entire tag is composed of modular elements that are easy to personalize.

Custom Safety Tag (use your design)

Choose a template to create a custom safety tag or send us your own artwork- it can be a rough sketch too! We will convert your art into finished design at no cost (and with no purchase obligation.)

Custom Safety Tags with Self-Locking Tail

Custom Lockout Tags with Numbers and Tear-Off Stub

Photo Lockout Tags My Life is On the Line Tags