Custom Military Dog Tag Set

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Includes 30 & 4.5 ball chains with silencers

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CAPITAL letters A-Z, 0-9 with available symbols – / , & . ! @ $ : + ?

CAPITAL Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9, Symbols – / , & .

Military Spec Custom Dog Tags are manufactured on premises. Enjoy the same tags worn by todays Military. Includes 2 identical dog tags, matching silencers with 4 and 30 chain.


CAPITAL letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 with available symbols – / , & . ! @ $ : + ?

Any characters added to tags that are not specified above (such as * ^ % ) will be omitted from embossing.

My girlfriend got me a dog tag because im going into the Marines and i never take it off but she asks to wear it so i bought this set and its great, it is the only necklace she wears now and she shows it off to all her friends and co-workers.

Love the DOG TAGS they are a great replacement pair as I lost one of my originals. I will order from LEGENDARY USA again for other things that I may need.

We buy these dog tags for our American Legion Post members who pass away. For our military honors, we use the battle cross (rifle stuck in ground with helmet on top and boots at the bottom) we attach the dog tags to the rifle. We order two sets, one for the rifle and one for the family. I have had great service with your company. This last order, there were some errors in the order that your company promptly notified me of. Due to my misunderstanding of some of the questions, I had to change the order three times. The dog tags came yesterday, and despite my misunderstandings, the order came out exactly as I wanted it. Thanks!!!

I wanted to surprise a young lady who was going through tough times in her life by designing a dog tag that she could refer to when discouragement tried to enter into her mind. I kept it simple and gave a scripture reference, she cried and thanked me for the tag,…it will last a lifetime for her. So thankful to Legendary USA for their professionalism, quick work and delivery I am a fan and customer for life. Thank you for all you do!!! SOLJRGURL87

These tags are great. Light weight, can be used for med alert or luggage tags. I use them for ID on my key changes in case keys are lost or I need assistance so attendant can call my wife. Previous tags I have had were etched info on metal which would quickly wear off.

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