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Theres a reason companies like Skechers®, Hobie®, Cadillac® and Ford® have us makefor their products. And why you should too. With their glossy finish and substantial presence, they exude quality and instantly elevate the product theyre associated with. In short, there is no other product like a. As a promotional item, a domed decal will definitely set you apart from the competition. When a standard vinyl decal is domed, it pops. The graphics appear brighter from any angle. I dare you to get one and not to stick it to something. And isnt that the whole point of a hand-out; to have consumers want to use it somewhere that theyll see it over and over? Thats the beauty of domes, they get used.

By adding drop-shadows to the decals graphics during the printing process, this Skechers decal capitalizes on the 3D effect once it was resin-domed at Dilco

Because theyre made with a completely mercury-free two-part crystal clear polyurethane resin, theyre resistant to scratches, abrasions, water, rust and fading. Theyre also chemical-resistant and wont yellow. They dont even mind weather changes. Thats why this tough construction makes3D domesa no-brainer for utilitarian purposes on cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, bicycles and appliances. You also see them used a lot on computers, tools, toolboxes, plumbing fixtures and bathtubs.

The domed decals below were printed to go on heavily textured cloth first aid kits. A standard decal wouldnt have worked in this instance; and the effect of resin doming on the decals adds value to the overall product.

Moving Images Technologies® (MiT®) came to us for their domed decals, because they wanted the look and quality that only a resin dome could achieve, but they had a problem. The equipment cases they were to go on were very heavily textured (think orange-peel-texured metal). Because we love a puzzle, through trial and error we solved it. By using two layers of this same high tack adhesive, we were able to give them the durability they needed, with the look they wanted.

Domes start out like any other vinyl decal. Theyre either 4-color-process or spot-color screen printed, UV offset, or digitally printed on white, Mylar or chrome high tack-vinyl. The sheets of decals are then kiss cut. That means we cut through the vinyl without cutting through the backing material. The vinyl that surrounds the decals or labels is then removed, so that were left with a paper sheet of isolated stickers.

Below is a diagram of the process and layers Dilco uses in domed decal printing. The substrate can be vinyl, Mylar®, or Lexan® polycarbonate.

The doming machine is set so that individual nozzles line up to the position of each of the decals on the backing material; i.e., four rows of five across, etc. The machine will then mix both parts of the resin to be poured on top of each vinyl decal. The critical step is calculating the exact amount of resin to be poured. It has to be enough to completely cover the face of the decal without going over or stopping short of the edges. Once they have been domed, the decals cure for 24 hours. What youre left with is a crystal clear, glossy 3-dimensional domed decal thats as hard-wearing as it is stunning.

Roughly 90 of the domed decals we make are shipped in sheets to be peeled off at the manufacturers factory. The other 10 are die-cut a second time to remove them from their paper backing sheet, resulting in individual domes.

Whether used in a promotional giveaway or on your finished product, three-dimensional domed decals will differentiate you from the other guy. Think of it like a spotlight on your branding.

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