Also found in:ThesaurusLegalWikipedia.(dm-nîrng)Arrogant in asserting or attempting to assert ones will over others; overbearing. See Synonyms atdictatorial.acting with or showing arrogance or tyranny; imperious(dm nr )

inclined to exert arbitrary or tyrannical authority; dictatorial.

immodest- having or showing an exaggerated opinion of your importance, ability, etc; brash immodest boasting

submissive- inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination; submissive servants; a submissive reply; replacing troublemakers with more submissive people



meeksubmissivesubservientservileobsequiousdomineeringadjectiveTending to dictate:authoritarianbossydictatorialdogmaticimperiousmagisterialmasterfuloverbearingperemptory.Translationsمُتَسَلِّط، مُسَيْطِر، مُسْتَبِدpnovitýdominerendetyrannischdominateurשתלטניrîrkurautoritariavaldongsherskesykhkmedenotoriterdomineering[dmnr]ADJdominanteautoritariodomineering[dmnr]adj[person] dominateur/trice,autoritaireDominican Republic[dmnikn]n

the Dominican Republic laRpublique dominicainedomineeringadjherrisch;mother-in-law, husband etc alsoherrschschtigdomineering[dmnr]adjdispotico/a, autoritario/adomineering(domiˈniəriŋ)adjectivetending to order people about.a domineering older brother.dominerendeمُتَسَلِّط، مُسَيْطِر، مُسْتَبِدdominadorpnovitýtyrannischdominerende; tyranniskόςdominadorvõimutsevسلطه گرا؛ قدرت طلبmääräilevädominateurשְׁתָלטָנִיदबंग, प्रभावीdominirajućizsarnokisuka memerintahrðrkurtirannicoautoritario오만한, 횡포한, 폭군적인valdingasvaldongsmenguasaibazigherskesykdominerendeapodyktycznyد قدرت وږى، د دولت وږىdominadorautoritarpanovačnýgospodovalnostzapovedničkidominantควบคุมhkmeden,otoriter, تکبرانہđộc đon

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Write what you mean clearly and correctly.

Mingott had always professed a great admiration for Julius Beaufort, and there was a kind of kinship in their cool

way and their short-cuts through the conventions.

and enterprising a passion as that of power or glory?

There is something very sad in the extinction of a family of renown, even if it was fierce,

That he effaced himself from it went for nothing; she saw him there perhaps more clearly than anything else, the central and

figure, a man of brains and nerve who, with his life in his hands, faced with equal immovability a herculean task and the chances of death.

Servile and fawning as he had been before, he was now as

Tulliver would look straight at him, and the rascal would perhaps be forsaken a little by his cool,

They were both em- barrassed, and to relieve her feeling she became harsh and

Let us hasten to say that in private the genial side descended to the level of the other, so that generally the indulgent man disappeared to give place to the brutal husband and

He would have struck back had not Matai Shang interfered, and then I saw that the two men were not over-friendly; for the manner of the thern was arrogant and

as he made it plain to the First Born that the Princess of Helium was the personal property of the Father of Therns.

Terrified as they were by this sudden torrent of words, the two gentlewomen could not but smile at the sight of the fiery,

victim and the big apologetic representative of mankind who sat meekly bearing all the sins of his sex.

I should think you could be trained into a very good husbandyou know, not one of the

kind, but one who considered his wife was just as much an individual as himself and just as much a free agent.

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