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Doming as we call it, is applying a thick layer of a clear resin over the top of a pressure sensitive label. The resin is applied in liquid form and allowed to harden. The dome will be glossy and look wet. This makes your company logo look like a dew drop, or a polished jewel, yet it is still flexible. The Epoxy domes on the labels, which are suitable for extreme outdoor applications, can be made to conform to aggressive contours, and can be made rock hard for a more jewelry-like appearance or any application where a hard dome would be preferred. The domed label is becoming more and more the standard, and you can see it emulated in print everywhere (even Windows 7 has a domed look on the buttons). The custom imprint is 1-color to full-color, photo quality on Polyester or spot colors on Vinyl, which can be metallic. We generally ship our labels on sheets.

Digital labels are perfect for the doming process. After we custom digitally print your labels, we pour a polyurethane liquid over the ink onto the labels. After time the material hardens into a crystal clear protective coating. Spot colors are built from CMYK and if color match is critical we can produce a sample to verify color match. Most of our domed labels are printed on materials using an acrylic permanent adhesive. This adhesive ensures a wide range of adhesion to multiple surfaces including metals and most plastics. Ideally, labels need to be produced with rounded corners to ensure the doming process takes shape. Consider using metallic substrate materials for a glossy transparent ink look and feel.

The polyurethane doming epoxy is weather and UV resistent. By applying the doming epoxy over the printed labels we are actually applying a UV protective barrier over the printed inks. This protective barrier will last for years without fading due to the Suns ultraviolet light. Additionally, by using a harsh environment substrate such as vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive, we can maintain the label substrates durability to last as long as the epoxy doming material itself.

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