Established in 1966 over 40 years of service

We have customers worldwide who rely on our equipment, and on our reputation for excellent service.

Mockridge Doming Systems (USA) Inc. andMockridge Doming Systems (UK) Ltd.are both divisions ofMockridge Internationalwho are a family company, Established in 1966 and the original designers and manufacturers of the complete range of MDS doming equipment. We are still owned and operated by the original family.

WhicheverMDSmachine you buy (even the low costMDS Minidome 1) it can be seamlessly upgraded to the next in line model, right up to the top of the range computer controlledMDS VariSCRIPTmachine. Younever lose moneyhaving to trade in your first machine for a new one with greater features, you just buy the plug in upgrade packs. Add the features you need, as your doming business grows.

Because of the MODULAR construction of every MDS machine, any technical problems can be resolved by simply exchanging the appropriate plug in module – on site by the machine operator.

Simple really, a customer in a distant country does not want to pay for an engineers visit to affect a repair, or to fit an upgrade pack. (We have machines in over 40 countries).

Originally designed and built purely for use in our own doming rooms, the first machines we sold were really built as one offs for friends in the trade, who were attracted by the low cost and performance details. Soon the one offs became a regular thing, and soMockridge Doming Systemsbecame a separate division ofMockridge International.

We are the sole manufacturers of MDS hand operated Doming Kits, ideal for those wishing to enter the high profit world of doming, with minimum outlay. If you have had the misfortune to use an inferior copy of this product in the past (and there are many of them around) you will be amazed at the ease of use you experience when using the real thing.