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You buy our high quality fish tags. Tags have a UNIQUE ID and our web site imprinted in the tag. You tag and release a fish. You enter information about the fish for this Tag ID on our web site. You or other anglers add history to this Tag ID each time the fish is caught.

– Willie LangevinI received an email that one of my tagged fish was caught today! Another guy caught my tagged fish.

– Kevin PayneSuper awesome when my tags are updated by other people catching the same fish. I just have to say its great!

– Pat RussoThe site is so easy to add and update my tags. Simple and fast! Gotta get back to fishing and tagging now!

– Martin HallasI caught a fish that I tagged three years ago. Very impressed with your tags strength, endurance, and visibility!

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*** Please comply to any country, state, and local wildlife regulations regarding tagging and releasing fish. Please comply to any fish species restrictions. ***