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Why are rectangular labels the most popular sticker shape?

Label doming is an epoxy or resin coated finish applied to printed stickers. Domed labels or Gel labels are sometimes called 3D labels. To produce these labels a special resin is applied to the vinyl label, which hardens to a semi-flexible dome. Label doming creates a lensed or slightly magnified effect on the printed label and is a popular choice for customers who want to brand their products with a label or sticker that stands out and draws attention. Domed labels also have tremendous promotional value and can be used on almost any product that is flat or very slightly curved. Label doming also increases the outdoor life of printed stickers and can therefore be applied to small car decals. We use the Ultradome resin system and the effect on printed labels is superb. They look really good and the resin dome does not yellow or crack even when exposed to the weather. NB: This applies to the Ultradome resin and system only – we cant speak for suppliers using other label doming products.

Label doming is not a cheap process, but the result is really eye-catching. There are a few limitation to doming labels but these can usually be worked around with some creativity. For example, resin doming works best on round, oval and rectangular labels with rounded corners. The size of the label is also a limiting factor as very big labels are difficult to dome successfully, so doming works best on small to medium sized labels. Label doming also takes a bit longer to produce as the resin needs to harden naturally in clean, cool and dust-free conditions. Resin doming also has a slight darkening effect on the label print (ink), which is to be expected as the dome is not as translucent as polished crystal or glass. Please note that we dome the labels by hand, so cannot do very large labels or large quantities.

Domed labels are very popular in Europe and the USA and are becoming more and more popular in South Africa. Label doming requires some skill and is best suited to applicators with good hand-eye coordination. The ability to deliver the correct amount of resin onto the label takes practice and experience, which is why it is a specialized post-press application.

Should you need domed labels, we will be happy to quote you on them. They are worth the money and the extra few days needed to produce them. When they are ready, simply peel, and stick the domed label to your product with pride!

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