Oh Snap!

Oh Snap ! The server crashed… Try again later 😀

A simple notification jQuery/Zepto library designed to be used in mobile apps

Just link the js file around your body end tag :

Also add adivwhich will contain the alerts :

To call a notification, useohSnap(text, options). Examples :

ohSnap(Oh Snap! I cannot process your card…, color: red); // alert will have class alert-color ohSnap(Yeeaahh! You are now registered., duration:2000); // 2 seconds

options: object that can override the following options color: alert will have class alert-color. Default null icon: class of the icon to show before the alert. Default null duration: duration of the notification in ms. Default 5000ms container-id: id of the alert container. Default ohsnap fade-duration: duration of the fade in/out of the alerts. Default fast

To programatically remove a notification, useohSnapX(element)where element is a jQuery object a containing the alert..

To remove all notifications, useohSnapX().

Alerts are automatically bound to a click event (internally,ohSnapX()is called when the alert is clicked).

Furthermore, OhSnap!.js creates a div with classes.alert .alert-colorso you will want to have something like :

/* ALERTS */ /* inspired by Twitter Bootstrap */ .alert padding: 15 margin-bottom: 20 border: 1px solid eed3d7; border-radius: 4 position: absolute; bottom: 0 right: 21 /* Each alert has its own width */ float: right; clear: right; background-color: white; .alert-red color: white; background-color: DA4453; .alert-green color: white; background-color: 37BC9B; .alert-blue color: white; background-color: 4A89DC; .alert-yellow color: white; background-color: F6BB42; .alert-orange color:white; background-color: E9573F;

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