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Watch the clip. Any worries will go away. This will do just fine.

eh, basically the same as Aisling Bea and she won people over

Fast acting, insulting Alex, forward, loud, making a noise every time she did something. This could have described either of them. Im not trying to insult either of them, Im just surprised theres so much disliking of Lisa going on in these comments when that performance was exactly Aisling.

Did Aisling insult Alex? I dont remember that, because I feel thats the big difference. To me Lisa Lampanelli comes across like a bit of a dick, whereas Aisling could come across as slightly annoying, but still a genuinely nice person.

Aisling doesnt do it to nearly the same degree, and it is not what her whole act is based on.

It is decidedly Taskmaster, but it is also decidedly American.

Im hoping the short format will be changed if the show gets enough attention. they probably didnt want to give it more than that before they know if American audiences will embrace it.

Presumably an ad after each task, and preview/recap before/after the break. Hard to see how they could make it any longer on broadcast tv.

Just saw the little clip inside the review and is interesting how we discard certain names for not being comedic related, as Fred Highmore, but his solution for the task was awesome!

This clip makes me adore Freddie highmore even more now

I would have taken my shoes off, he went all in!

Fastest time wins, no time to dilly-dally!

The presentation of each task is very similar to how the show is shot and edited in the UK

The most important thing for me. American television editing is almost unwatchable due to unnecessary fast cuts, repetition, and faux suspense.

This article also confirms some of my fears. I couldnt imagine Watts, despite how likable he is, being the proper dick he needs to be to make the competition work. It also seems like the tasks will be given more weight that the character building during the banter portions, which is the true soul of the show.

I cant wait for all the UK fans to discover the ball of joy that is Ron Funchess. Im expecting a lot of I dont like the American taskmaster, except Ron Funchess comments.

I cant wait for you to discover how to spell his name properly 😉

No its right, hell keep adding Ss as he gets more famous.

Jeez, I dont know if its possible to reach that many levels of fame in a comedians career. Theres stand up, then bit parts on television, then Netflix special, then their own television show, then back to stand up because the producers interfered with the show, then a second go at their own show but this time they have creative control, then theres the scandal that makes them lay low for a while, then back to stand up, then President. At most hell be Ron Funchesssssssss.

Im only watching it because of him. I loved him on Undateable.

One week later and although Im mostly enjoying the US Taskmaster, Ron Funchess is unquestionably the highlight.

the clip made it look funny, except that blonde girl, really annoying the way she acts

I never considered how cool the small change of giving them a pool is. Its a really minor change that actually opens up a lot of fun possibilities

Its just occurred to me Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreations I think would of been as the Taskmaster

He doesnt even have to be Ron Swanson. I think Nick Offerman would have been an amazing Taskmaster as is.

Heres a sneak peek ofr/PandRusing thetop postsof the year!


What does the prize thing mean? Is it more like the Swedish version, or does it not score points at all?

One person brings the prize in per episode. Dillon Francis, for example, brings in the prize for episode one. The winner gets the prize. It scores no points.

Wooo! Yeah! Ahaha ahaha! Wooo! JERRY JERRY!

Think the audience sounds may make this unwatchable.

The UK version also has crowd reactions during the tasks, so I dont really understand what youre saying.

Really? Maybe just me but the hysterics at the end of the basketball net clip seemed a very extreme reaction. Maybe I just cant stand Americans laughing.

Take your point. But that laughter actually included me so acceptable. 😉

Absolutely agree: the audience sounds are horrible. Im American & this is why I cant stand American shows w/ laugh tracks etc. Ugh. Seemed okay otherwise.

Same some sitcoms are just unwatchable. In the U.K. MASH was originally shown on TV without a laugh track. Optionally without on DVDs. Caught it with the laughter on tv once recently, just unwatchable.

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