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Help lost pets reunite with their owners safer and faster.

equipped pet tag where your multiple contact details and pets critical information can be read by any smartphone…

Get a PetQ ID tag and create profile for your pet

Link the profile and tag, Keep your contact details and pets critical information up-to-date.

Make sure you have enabled all critical information, so finder can view them through your pets profile.

Any one with a smart phone can scan the tag or visit your pets profile online to view your contact details and pets critical information.

With the detailed contact information, finders can contact you immediately, and your pet gets home faster.

PetQ ID tag provides much more vital information to the finders when your pet goes missing, such as multiple contact details, pet medical conditions, allergies, dietary needs and more.

As a great additon to microchip implants, These vita information linked withPetQ tagcan be easily scanned by any smartphone, and best of all, it costs the same as a regular pet tag.

*GPS notification when profile been viewed

Manage or view profile via mobile devices

You have complete control of the data

Durable laser engraved aluminum tags

*PetQ ID tag is not a GPS device, GPS info is only available when profile viewer agreed to share.

Immediate access to Contact Information

Ability to Update Contact Information

Provides Alternative Contacts/Methods

Displays Dietary/Special needs info

Easy to manage, Beautifully displayed

Responsive profile page suites all mobile screens

Easy to manage,Beautifully displayed

Resonsive profile page suites all mobile screens

Order yourPetQ ID tagfrom PetQ online shop, simple and secure

Create your PetQ account and create your pets profile

Update your pets profile and attach to the PetQ ID tag

Yes! we offer personalized engraving service to all our tags, an online profile is a great addition to a regular tag with number.

Its free to create account and pet profiles on . Prices for PetQ ID tags vary according to size, type and quantity, please visitPetQ Storeto learn more.

Unlike traditional engraved tags thePetQ QR code pet tagcan contain a huge amount of information and is instantly updateable with new information when your or your pets circumstances change. Imagine that you go on holiday where doesnt have great cell phone reception and your pets are with your parents or friends and run off, someone who finds them will have problem to contact you, with PetQ, you can simply update the contact information to include your parents or friends phone number.Unlike micro-chips thePetQ ID tagis clearly visible and readable using common smartphone so whoever finds your lost pet can return them to you quickly and easily. A standard micro-chip would need to be read by a vet or the RSPCA before your pet could be returned home.

Yes! PetQ ID tags work world-wide, we ship our tags internationally. Shipping is free when you are in Australia.

We understand that privacy and security are important to you. We use the latest encryption technology when we store your data, your data is secure with us.

The GPS feature is a passive search using software embedded in mobile devices of the person that scanned the tag. When the tag is scanned, the system determines that it came from a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet) and sends an email to the pet owner with the GPS map of the location where the scan took place.

It is not necessary for you to own a smartphone, you can manage and view you pets profile on any computer connected to the internet.

Each ofPetQ QR code pet tagcomes with an unique human readable online web page address engraved, if the finder doesnt have a smartphone or doesnt know how to scan a qr code, she or he can simply type the URL address on any internet connected device(computer, laptop, tablet) to see the information and contact you immediately.

It most likely the activation email didnt send successfully, please check following if this happens:Did you put your email address correctly?Did you check your spam folder?It may be blocked by your email provider.If you would like to have another activation email sent, please contact us

Before activate yourPetQ ID tag, you need to create an account first, then you are able to create profile for your pet in your account, in the profile editing page, simply enter the unique ID number come with the PetQ ID tag to activate.Learn more

Now you can add up to 5 pet profiles in your free account, Business, shelters, and non-profit organizations can have unlimited number of pet profiles.

Privacy setting allows you to choose what information you want to share to the public, you may elect to keep any or all fields within your Pets profile empty or populate each field and elect to display the information until needed.

Dont worry, lost or damaged tags can be easily replaced. Your pets information is still safe and active on their online profile page and we can create another tag for them that will link right to it. All you need to do iscontact usand order a replacement.

All our tags are tested before packing for code clarity and operation. Although there are many QR code readers available from different developers we recommend using thei-nigma QR code reader, which is available on iPhone, Android, Windows OS and Blackberry. Code readers also rely on the ability of your phone to get a clear image of the code so please try cleaning your phones camera lens or make sure this is sufficient light. If this does not solve the problem please contact us

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