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Our casting kits range from just resins on their own or a complete setup for the complete novice or experienced

Robnor ResinLab is a supplier of epoxy and polyurethane resin systems including adhesives, encapsulants and conformal coatings. Formerly branded as

The Miracon Epoxy Tooling systems provide a complete list of multipurpose epoxy compounds for different applications. There are gel coat

Vacuum Forming and Injection Molding Brampton Nameplate is your one stop solution for nameplates that will stand out amongst the

Weatherable Top-Coat Polyester Resin Flex Finish Doming ResinA clear, non yellowing, flexible resin for putting a SUP Pro Repair Kit

UV Cure Light Systems : Flashlights, Lasers, Lamps High Power UV Flashlight Resinator Kit Flex Finish Doming ResinA clear, non