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Instrument Panels – Adcap Urethane Doming

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Display – Metalized & White Polyester

Display – Prespaced Graphics & Lettering

A long lasting layer of clear urethane is cast onto the surface of the decal creating a true 3D Domed Decal. The benefits of an Adcap Domed Decal are:

An Adcap Domed Decal will enhance your product with a high quality, three dimensional appearance.

Adcap Domed Decals are fully weatherproof.

Adcap Domed Decals are impervious to harsh solvents.

Adcap Domed Decals resist fading and will not discolor.

Adcap Domed Decals have a remarkable self-healing property that allows them to retain their attractive appearance.

Adcap Domed Decals can withstand temperature ranges from -50 to 250F.

AdcraftAdcap Domed Label & Decal Applications

Adcap Domed Decals and Labels should be considered when a high quality decorative nameplate or emblem is needed. Some of the applications our customers use Adcap Domed Decals and Labels are:

Provide us with your adhesive specifications, or let us know your application and well recommend the adhesive thickness and strength that best matches your application and the variables it will need to withstand.

All AdcraftDomed label & decals are custom made and are quoted on an individual basis.