USA Made Custom Clothing Labels

At CBF Labels, we have what you need to make your garment, apparel and clothing line complete and marketable. Custom Clothing Labels may be small in size, but they have immense positive impact for your product sales. Take a look around our website and get a feel for what we have done forour past and current clients, who we manufacture clothing labels for. You can see who the big brands are using. Why dont you just contact us and give us a try? Everything is custom made and based off of our customers artwork. We have provided plenty of examples, so that you can have an idea of the endless possibilities.

Our sales representatives work with you to get the labels you need.Our factory placesyour design in a vector illustrator file in order to make the labels. We make custom labels, patches, hang tags and more. CBF is all about high quality custom labels, all of which are made by our amazing label specialists. They have years of experience and will be happy to walk you through the process from beginning to end. We meet the fashion industrys requirements with our high-quality product, and therefore have become Southern Californias leading supplier.

Clients Come First!Just because all products are custom does not mean production time is very long. We provide up front the time frame in which your samples and final production will be received. For example, samples of the woven labels made in the US have a time frame of 1-2 business days from when the artwork is submitted to us. Once we get our customers signed approval that they like or dislike the sample we proceed accordingly. From the date of approval, the production time would only be 5-7 business days.CBF Offers Pricing Discounts on Bulk OrdersBecause of our strategic locations around the world, we are able to offer low prices on overseas custom clothing labels and tags of all kinds. Our overseas sewing and embroidery factories ensures your custom clothing labels will be manufactured to the same high standards as USA-made custom clothing labels. Just check out how many hang tags we have done in the past for our clients.

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CBF is a Clothing Label Maker & Manufacturer

At CBF Labels we deliver high quality apparel trims to our customers. Everything we manufacture is custom to your exact specifications. We work hard to meet deadlines and keep you up to date with the status of your order.

We have an amazing team that is available to answer your questions. Each customer will be assigned their own sales representative who specializes in the type of labels you need. Its our job to pay attention to the details!

We have what it takes to make your apparel trim dreams come true! We provide the means to create one of a kind labels that fit your brands message and lifestyle.

We can create damaskwoven labelsfor you based off of your design. We use this material to create a very tight weave. We also chose it because it is less likely to be irritating on the skin, when compared to other options. We are sure youll be happy with the results.

We can print your design directly onto certain materials. Our printing service is designed to work with dyed fabrics, cotton, polyester, linen and coated fabric. This is a very economical way to get yourprinted labeldesigns placed onto a piece of clothing, but it is still a very high-quality, custom clothing label.

Your design can be printed on acustom hang tagthat can be attached to whatever product you are selling. These are attractive and stylish tags that can be made into any shape, size or color you want for all of your clothes, apparel & garment tag needs. We can even coat the hang tags with velvet or foil finish for a look that makes your design stand out.

We use polyester thread and twill fabric for ourembroidery patches. These can be attached to a wide variety of clothing or other cloth surfaces, and they are an excellent way to proudly display your design. Everything from school uniforms to marketing materials can benefit from our fine personalized embroidery labels.

We use polyester thread to create powerful branding and design applications. These patches can be made for different types of applications We are able to createwoven patchesthat can be ironed on, as well as ones that stick with Velcro or that attach with heat.

Tailor Made Leather & Suede Patches

These patches are made from real leather, and they are perfect for showcasing high quality items. Leather and suede patches can be used on clothing of all types as well as on marketing materials for a standout look. These will need to be stitched on, but their quality craftsmanship means thatleather patchesare worth the extra effort, since they will last for a very long time.

Our durable rubber patches are often used on sports equipment and keychains, but there are tons of different applications for these. We will makerubber patchesto your specifications, into the size, shape and color you request. These can be used for merchandising opportunities, as well as applications on clothing to give your garments some extra pizzazz.

Your design can be transformed into a sticker format as well. These are ideal for promotional materials, and they make for great handouts at events. You can also get kids interested in whatever your design is advertising with eye-catching stickers. No matter what shape, size or design you want to go with, we can turn it into asticker hang tagfor you.

Heat transfer labels take your design and integrate it seamlessly onto a variety of different surfaces. People loveheat transfer labelsbecause they integrate so well into whatever they are placed on. They look flawless on clothing and help the label look like a natural part of whatever they are attached to.

We can use a few different materials to make keychains out of your design. We take the design you have crafted and use rubber, embroidery, metal or leather to make a handy key chain. You can use these to promote products or service or to just give yourself acustomized key chainthat reflects your personality. Come see us and find out what we can do with your designs.

A stylish zipper pull can make any clothing look more fashionable and unique. We can put your design on azipper pullto integrate it seamlessly into the clothes and accessories that you sell, advertise or wear. Your design can be seen multiple times a day by anyone who wears that clothing, making for a great way to promote your brand.

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There are practically an unlimited number of ways that we can take your designs and create unique and interesting products with them. Whether you are promoting a business, creating clothing or other products that you want branded or just updating your personal style, we have the label solution for you, withwholesale label optionstoo.