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vROps and Slack Collaborate your Ops

Slack is hot! I see it with customers, me and my wife teams are using it (she work as a java developer at eBay BTW), and I also starting to see it in traditional IT. I also love vROps so I thought to myself, hey, why not leverage Slack to display vROps alerts and make collaboration more efficient?!

By now many of you have heard of Blue Medora, a VMware partner and creator of platform extensions (a.k.a., management packs) for vROps. One of Blue Medoras newest offerings is the vROps Management Pack for Oracle Database.

A variety of the available vRealize Operations Manager management packs require a Microsoft Windows-based remote collector as a part of their vROps architecture. Since the majority of customers deploy the Linux-based OVA, the steps for installation and configuration of a Windows-based remote collector are often unfamiliar to administrators.

Citrix Xen admins are faced with a complicated set of challenges when it comes to managing their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. Application performanceoften recognized as one of the key indicators of user satisfaction and productivitycan be affected by a number of issues in both the Citrix VDI and VMware virtual layers.

In the previous post for this series, weve started with the basics by creating two custom groups and connect our vROps instance to the domain. I this part we will work some object oriented permissions magic.

vROps Custom Groups are very powerful if you know how to use them. One of the best kept secret in vROps 6 is the ability to configure user permissions for a specific object within the system, for example, a Custom Group.

Back at the days of 5.x, XMLs were used heavily when some widgets interactions was needed. For me personally, there wasnt an engagement were I didnt had to pull some metric attribute key out of vCOps. Lets see how to find those in vROps 6.

I just love vSphere Tags. I think its one of those vSphere features that people dont use that much what a shame because when it comes to vROps integration it can come very handy!