33 Ways To Reuse Bread Tags

I have quite a collection of bread clips or tags, and wondering what to do with them? Many recycling companies may not take them, the problem being there is no number on them. But Bread tags aremade with high density polystyrene products that can be  recycled into coat hangers, seedling trays, skirtings, outdoor furniture, poles and decking

First your bread tags can make a difference:

Here it is- 33 Ways to Reuse Bread Clips

1.) You can use to tag assorted wires or exstenson cords. I have them under my computer with

6.) Use as a spool for threads or other crafty stuff.

7.) Use in the garden to mark your plants

9.) Use the colors to teach kids various colors

10.) put Numbers on and use for a counting game for kids. Add a + or signs

11.) Use as game board pieces. or for poker money, bingo chips, scrabble

12.) Have a scavenger hunt with prizes with the most collected

13.) Make jewelry Bread Tag Earring fromWizzyblissand Necklace fromArtfire

16.) Use a scarper for food, paint and other small spills, on oven, floors

17.) Put at the end of scotchtape, masking tape. No more looking for the end.

18.) Use as a marker in your knitting or crocheting projects.

20.) Use to keep rubber bands together

24.) Hold socks together whether in the wash or in the drawers.

25.) Put in toilet paper rolls or other cardboard cylinders to make a musical instrument

26.) Spray paint and use as christmas ornaments

27.) Use to put on your clothes, when you have worn them, what goes with what. could be good for color blind.

28.) Make Bread Tag Monsters-Crafts by Amandagives you a whole tutorial

29.) If you are a risk taker and play lotto, you can use as a scratcher.

30.) Use to secure Christmas tree lights.

32.) MakeBread Tag Halloween Jewelry(see Video)

33.) Put at the bottom of planters instead of using stones

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Im not exactly a pro at managing cables and other stuff around the house, so since Ive learned about using bread tags to tag cables, theyve been a great help and its easier to unplug stuff without killing something thats being used. Im sure this will lengthen the life of my electronics and appliances since they dont get suddenly shut off. Cool tips, cheers!

Thanks for the shout out on my bread tag monsters! Since then Ive made gingerbread men for Christmas and snowmen for winter too 🙂 Great list!

Love your bread tags, and a great site you have, thanks for sharing your creative abilities with us.

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