5 Ingredient Cinnamon Granola

5 ingredients and 5 minutes prep is all you need to bake this absolutely, delicious. No need for the15 ingredient granola recipe today, Im making this real easy for ya. Seriously, you can add 5 different nuts and some dried fruit if you wish, but its just not necessary for it to be delicious. Its shocking how yummy this granola is with such few ingredients. Only negative, is its gone in minutes in my household.

You dont need to spend a ridiculous amount for a small bag at the store for granola that contains too much sugar, too much oil and too many preservatives. Ive never found one brand that didnt have some oil or preservatives in it. Making it homemade ensures it isfresh, healthy and so much yummier!

It makes the perfect healthy cereal, when served with homemadealmond milk! Seriously, cereal at the store is nothing but a box of sugar. This bowl is pure delicious, wholesome goodness.

If you make this5 Ingredient Cinnamon Granola, Id love to hear about it! Please drop me a line below letting me know how much you loved it! You can also snap a pic and tag me on myInstagrampage [email protected] Love seeing your creations!

All you need is 5 minutes of prep and 5 ingredients to make this delicious granola. Making homemade granola is a much healthier, tastier option than store bought granolas and cereals. This granola is perfect for on-the-go snacking or eaten as cereal in a delicious bowl of almond milk.

2 cups old fashioned oats (I use Bobs Red Mill gluten-free)

1 cup chopped pecans (pecans are best because they lend a very buttery flavor)

1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt (optional, but slightly enhances flavor)

If you or your child cant tolerate nuts, than this recipe can easily be made nut-free & kid-friendly by using sunflower kernels instead of pecans and sunbutter instead of almond butter.

Preheat an oven to 325 degrees and line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Place middle oven rack on the bottom rack.

Add oats, pecans, cinnamon and salt to a large bowl and whisk well.

Add almond butter and syrup to a cup or small bowl and stir well. Pour over the dry ingredients and stir until very well mixed and sticky.

Pour over the prepared pan and spread out evenly, about a 1/2 inch thick. Bake for 15 minutes on the bottom rack. Remove the pan, stir the granola around so that the bottom can cook evenly. Place back in the oven and cook another 10-12 minutes until very golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes while it crisps up. Store in a ziplock bag or plastic container. It will stay fresh for up to one week, if it even lasts that long!

*Gluten-free, oil-free, vegan, nut-free option*Nutrition per 1/2 cup: 231 calories, 4.26 g protein, 13.32 g fat, 26.8 carbs

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This looks so good! I make my own granola and I am definitely going to try this recipe.

Please let me know when you do Cindy! 🙂

LOVE THIS! I love my go-to granola recipe tons but this would be fabulous to throw together in a pinch. I have everything on hand to make this–I wish I hadnt just made a huge batch of granola a few weeks ago! Another one of your recipes bookmarked! Hope you had a great holiday season Brandi!

Oh, yes it works great for a quick, delicious, healthy granola! I actually like it better than one of my other granola recipes with 10+ ingredients, haha! 🙂 Thanks Erika!

I love how quick and simple this is, I actually prefer my granola with only a few ingredients. I have never made with cinnamon, I have to try this. I always use olive oil but using nut butter is a great idea, it should help it clump too!

Yes, the almond butter gives it awesome flavor. This one mildly clumps, but if you want more clumpy, increase to half cup if almond butter. Also, this other granola recipe is AMAZINGLY delish and clumps big time…butter-licious granola.

Quick , Easy and Delicious. ..I subbed the almond butter for peanut butter and added a lil honey with the maple syrup loved it!!! I will keep making this!!! Thanks Brandi

Thank you so much Suki! Im so glad you loved it and the peanut butter sub worked perfectly…thanks so much for leaving feedback 🙂

YUM! I love every single ingredient in this granola and I love how simple it is! Love it!

Thanks Melanie…doesnt get any simpler!

Simple, yet delectable. This look deeeelicious!

Hi Brandi – I just made this and cant stop eating it right (warm, YUM!). So simple, and it rocks! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the feedback Alicia! Im so happy to hear that….its a little addicting isnt it?! 🙂

These are quite costly over here. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I shall try it soon! Warmest, danny

Yes, I know Danny….granola is so incredibly expensive. Its so much cheaper and tastier to make it ourselves 🙂

I love home made granola and this one looks so easy. happy new year:)

Happy New Year to you too Pavithra 🙂

Im on such a granola kick right now and this is perfect! Your photos are also super beautiful – love the clean background (something that I need to work on hah). Do you shoot everything in your kitchen?

Oh, thank you so much Shikha! I appreciate that! Well, I shoot wherever I can get the best light depending on the weather…some in my kitchen, but mainly in my living room because I have huge windows and the light shines through the best. I set up a table right next to my window and use different props for backgrounds. On really bright days I shoot on my kitchen table for different looks or on my island…the top photo is shot on my black granite island. I REALLY work in editing to achieve certain looks. Honestly, a raw shot taken with the camera can look pretty crummy, but I can edit it really well to make it change drastically. If the light is pathetic and not sunny at all…I take them outside and that works best on dreary days, since the inside is hopeless. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions I may have left out 🙂

This looks great! Is there anything you can sub for the pure maple syrup if you are eating it on the Daniel Fast?

Hi there! Sure, you could use agave, coconut nectar or even honey and it should work fine. Honey isnt technically vegan, but I do have a couple of readers who made it with honey and it worked, it will just make it slightly stickier. Let me know how it turns out 🙂

This was fantastic! Very easy to make & delicious. I have 3 picky eaters & they loved it! I took a baggie of it with me to a ball game & didnt even get any bc it was passed around & devoured! Thank you so much for this recipe Brandi!

Im so happy to hear that Katy! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! 🙂

Just made this granola recipe…i made mine with pecan butter because that is what i had at home….still turned out delicious…

Oh, I agree Elilta, pecan butter would be even better! I just used almond butter for the recipe because its easier and cheaper for people and works well in granola. Im all over it next time with the pecan butter though 😉 So glad you enjoyed it!

This is the healthiest granola recipe Ive ever seen. Im gonna try this for sure. I have to tell you that every time I come to your blog Im just blown away by your photos. I just cant get over how fab they are. Celeste 🙂

I made your lovely granola & loved it too, so did my husband Peter! He loves it! x

I just saw this Sophie! That is wonderful, thank you so much!

One of my goals this year is to make my own granola and Im going to start by using your recipe, Brandi. I love how simple this is and its full of good, natural ingredients. Id throw in some dark chocolate too, just cause Im a total chocoholic 😉

Oh, yes, one can never have too much chocolate Nancy! 🙂

Made this last night with the sub of peanut butter and regular syrup (without high fructose corn syrup!), tastes amazing!! Will definitely be trying different combos with this recipe 🙂 Also made it in a very short time! A recipe for the books for sure.

Wonderful to hear Alex! Yes, that is what I use and have noted, pure maple syrup in the recipe. I never use the fake syrup, it is terrible! So glad you loved it, thank you!

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A New family favorite! We loved this quick and delicious granola. We made the nut free version and it was perfect!

So awesome! Im so glad to hear you loved it, thank you so much!

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[] my other favorite granola recipe []

I made this last week and now I am making a double batch. I did reduce the amount of maple syrup. It is delicious! !

So happy to hear it was such a hit, thank you so much for the feedback Sherry, love hearing it!

This is so delicious and (bonus) simple! Ive made it several times now. Add flax seed and dried cranberries but not because it needs anything else. Have to resist eating it like cookie dough before it goes in the oven!

Have made your granola so many times since we went plant based in January 2015. I did up the oats to 3 cups so it is a bit drier but still so yummy. Then we dont feel bad eating an extra handful :). I just started making my own soy yogurt and your granola mixed with the yogurt and fruit is my fav breakfast at the moment.

Delicious! Made it with agave instead of maple since I had it and its great. Cant stop snacking!

Yay- I can eat cereal again! (I havent found a store bought cereal I liked in such a long time). Wow, that almond butter with the maple syrup. Im so happy right now. I made it with cashew milk (homemade!) I was wondering- do you have any recommendations for flavorings to add to cashew milk for use with cereal? (Or do you think just use the same flavorings as you suggest for the almond milk?) I have been drinking it just as is but I thought Id check.

Thank you so much Allie for taking the time to leave reviews, I cant tell you how much I appreciate it! I agree that store-bought granolas are very sad. They are very bland in flavor and the ingredients are not good quality either. Im so glad you enjoyed it! I would add vanilla and a touch of maple syrup if you want to sweeten the cashew milk. I always make mine plain since I mainly use it for baking and savory sauces, but vanilla and a touch of sweetener would be delicious! I would even add a pinch of salt, it will really improve the flavor!

Thank you so much. I will definitely try that! 😀

This recipe is absolutely fantastic. I almost made the mistake of thinking it was too simple, and Im so happy to have been wrong. Best granola Ive ever made. The texture is outstanding and the flavor is delicious. Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Kristin! I really appreciate you leaving the review and am so happy this is the best granola youve ever made!!

Making this for the second time in a week. So delicious! Thank you for a great recipe 🙂

Absolutely obsessed with this recipe!! So much healthier than store bought granola and so much tastier too. Thanks for the recipe!!

That is just so wonderful to hear Taylor, thank you so much for letting me know! Would you mind to give it a star rating, they are so helpful for me, thank you so much!

Have made this multiple times for myself and for guests. So easy and quick to make and soooooo delicious! Thank-you!

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