A is for Apples So What Are Brag Tags??

This is the question I get ALL the time!! And I LOVE answering it!Every time I post a picture of brag tags onIG, I get asked these questions:How do you use these? – What are these? – Will older kids like them? – Where can I find these? – How do you store your tags?Have no fear! Today Im here to answer all of those questions!!

Brag tagsare small, rectangular pieces of paper that students can earn as academic and behavior incentives. Brag tags can be hung on backpacks or made into a necklace.

Brag tags are an inexpensive and easy way to reward students! Youre ready to use the tags in just a few quick steps.Print, laminate, cut apart, and punch a hole – done!

Heres an example of some tags my studentsworking for…HOMEWORK tags!! If they complete all their homework for the month, they earn a monthly homework club tag. Notice all the checkmarks? They dont want to miss out on a tag!!!

Last year I purchased small ball-chain keychains off Amazon so my students could hang the tags on their backpacks. At the end of the year my students took the tags off their chains and made them into necklaces. This way I was able to keep the chains and they could leave Kindergarten with a brag tag necklace! This year I started using binder rings instead. Some of my students kept losing their tags because the chains were coming loose. The binder rings snap together nice and tight and we havent lost any in awhile!

Last year I stored my tags in one of those bead/string boxes. It worked well, but wasnt perfect. The tags are a little longer than the box, so the box didnt close. I could deal with that, but… space was becoming an issue. Too many tags, not enough room.create a teacher toolbox with lots of space for brag tags!

Best decision! I bought the toolbox from Lowes, spray painted the top half orange and created labels for the tags Id use the most. They fit perfectly in the drawers, and Im able to stack a couple different tags in each drawer. Lots of storage space now!

Theres nothing wrong with starting brag tags this late in the year! Get your feet wet and see how your kids respond. Do you teach upper elementary? Definitely try them out! You never know what your kids willrespondto and what theyll work for! Ihave some ideas for tags that will appeal to upper elementary children, but Id love to hear your ideas too! (Leave it in the comments.)

Ive had these Earth Day tags in my store for awhile, but I just got some new Earth Day clip art fromGraphics From the Pondso they got a quick update! TheyreFREE, so try out some tags and see how you like them!

Trust me, your students will become hooked and will love earning them!

Click on the image to grab your FREEBIE tags!

Have more questions? Leave it in the comments!Need some custom tags? Justemailme!Have an idea for some new tags? I love making them so lets hear it … Leave it in the comments!

In love with brag tags yet?Check out more tags in mystore!

Theseare a few of my favorite packs (who am I kidding? I love them all!) and good ones to start with this time of the year!Homework TagsHoliday TagsSpecial School DaysClassroom Behaviors Part 1Character Education

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I am so glad you have created all of these!! I have been looking for something like this!! Thank you!

Love hearing that!! Its such a fun behavior incentive and the kids really do love earning these little ol tags!

Since I am a substitute, I might want to make my own Brag Tags. Would I make the original one in colored paper, as a collage? Or make it all on the computer, if so, what program? Then, take the original to an office supply place and have them copy them onto heavy tag board and then laminate them??? Thanks! Linda

Hi there! Glad you like the tags! If youd like me to make some custom tags for you as a substitute teacher, Id be happy to do that! I create all of my own tags, so they are under copyright and cant be changed around or recreated by buyers. For my tags, I print them at home on my color printer on regular paper and use my Scotch laminator to laminate them (its a bit thicker than regular laminators at schools). Email me if youd like to talk about a custom order for substitute tags!

Do you sell the labels for your teacher toolbox that you created?

How do you introduce the brag tags to your students?

I give them one of their first day of school! I hang it on their backpack and tell them they will be able to collect brag tags all year long. They also get one if they came to meet the teacher the day before so some of them will get 2 on the first day! I show them others that they can earn soon and get them excited about them. We do our open house/orientation the first week of school so I hand out a tag to the parents who come to bring home to their kiddos. I get them hooked right away!!!!

These are really nice! I think that these may be the one and only thing Ill pay for on tpt. Ive been a hard sell but these are too darn easy. Thanks!!

Wow, thank you so much!!! The best part about it is that the kids really do enjoy earning these!! 🙂

Thank you for sharing your expertise on Brag Tags! I plan to try these out and really appreciate knowing the ins and outs of their use! Thanks for sharing!

I was thinking of once my students got 10 they can turn them in and start over. Just thinking about time and using paper. What is your thought?

Do whatever works best for you!! Ill just say that my students LOVE counting their tags! I would see some of them counting them all the time while we sat out at car pickup – even if they didnt even earn any that day, theyd still be counting them!

Also, my students are able to keep theirs at the end of the year. We make them into necklaces with beads. Since they earn them, I like for them to be able to keep the tags!

Hi. I bought 2 of your Bundles. 🙂 I look forward to using these from day 1. Which set has First day and Meet the Teacher? I havent had time to preview them all yet. Thanks!

Those 2 tags are in mySpecial Days of Schoolpack! Its a separate pack since those tags can be given to everyone, so I didnt include it with the behavior and academic bundles! Enjoy your tags!!

Thank you for such a great idea! To save space I am storing my brag tags in a three ring binder in plastic sleeves like you use for baseball cards. It is working out very well. Thanks again!

I just came across these on FB! I was wondering if you give everyone the Holiday tags as an inventive to earn more. Thanks!!

Yes!! I give everyone the holiday tags and special school day tags (field trip, first day, pajama day, etc.) Its definitely an incentive for them to earn more! This way if they havent earn a tag in a week or two, they dont forget about them (as if they could!)!!

OK, now that I have brag tags, do you give students multiple of the same tag? Ex: quiet walker, good listener, team player, positive attitude..if they did well for the day or during an activity would you give them a tag even if they already have that particular tag?

I havent given too many multiples before except when I was using the tags for my behavior clip chart (which Im not using anymore!!!!) Theres no reason that you couldnt give multiples though! When I did give out the same tag, I just wrote the month or date on the back with a Sharpie to distinguish between the tags!

Where do your students keep their brag tags? I bought necklaces, but am not finding a place to hang them. Any suggestions?

My students hang their tags on their backpacks. I use 1-inch binder rings so they make keychains out of them. I like for them to be able to take home their tags so they can show them to their family. Ive seen photos of people who use them as necklaces…they put pins on a bulletin board and have the kids hang their necklaces on there. If you dont have a bulletin board, you could find some wall space and use those 3M hooks or do something similar on a whiteboard with hook magnets!

I love this idea. I am over my treasure chest and coupons that I have for current incentives. Im just worried that with use, the rings will become less tight and the tags will fall off and get lost. Has this ever happened?

Ive had a few rings come undone and weve replaced the tags the best that we can with leftovers. When they first get their tags, I try and find those rings that are so hard to open that it hurts your fingers, but I know they will stay closed!

What do you do when a student or the same student does not earn brag tags?

The main ones that my students do not earn are the homework tags. They know homework is their responsibility though and they have all dealt with it just fine. Holiday tags and special days of school tags are a great way to make sure every student is earning tags so no one feels left out. I have never had a student get upset about not earning tags because they know there are more chances for lots of different tags!

Love this idea! I need to try something new but the problem is my technology experience. I came up with a list of 20 for templates. Would you be willing to create a set for me for a fee?

Please check out the packs I have in my store (over 20 of them!) If there is something I do not have that you would like, I do take custom orders. You can email me for more information –

What a great incentive for my first graders! I could see them really getting hooked on them. My only concern is in prepping them. Do you laminate one whole sheet and then cut them apart or do you laminate them individually? Wondering if the laminate comes off if you laminate the whole sheet and then cut. Thanks!

It does take some prep, but its totally worth it! I know several people who prep pretty much all of the tags they will need for the year and then theres people like me who prep them as the year goes on. My students learn early on that the tags will come, they just have to be patient!! I print and then laminate the whole sheet. I cut them after Ive laminated and then hole punch at the top. I use my Scotch laminator which is a bit thicker and they have never peeled!

Could this be used in preschool? I love the idea and trying to figure out another way instead of the clip chart.

I think 4 year olds/Pre-K kids would love them! Im not sure any kiddos younger than that would understand the concept. I do have many tags that could work for kids that age (for example: holidays, special days of school, and several of the behavior and academic tags). If theres something you need created for your younger kiddos, I do take custom orders! You can email me for more info –

Hi! Im starting these this year. I was wondering when the kids added the tags to the rings (which Im using)? At that moment? Or at the end of the day?

I usually wait until the end of the day if its the whole class (special days of school, holidays, homework tags, etc). If its just a couple students then I may do it during the day at a point when they are working in stations or doing some independent work.

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