was when the journey started. It was then that Steve Hastie, Managing Director at Liquid Lens, began supplying resin to the small doming market (as it was then) and saw an opportunity to grow the business. He invested in the machinery, forged strong relationships with suppliers, recruited an expert team of designers, printers, sales people and customer service professionals and began producing domed labels for businesses. As the company grew, and orders increased, we took it one step further to help our larger customers take their doming in-house by equipping them with everything they needed to dome themselves. The rest is history.

Liquid Lens now produces over 100,000 full-colour, domed labels every single week from its UK manufacturing facility. From here, we ship media, machinery and resin cartridges nationwide within 48 hours of order. Our extensive warehouse is fully stocked with tonnes of resin, which allows us to respond quickly to orders of all sizes. It also enables us to fill our cartridges on demand, keeping the resin as fresh as it can be before delivery. 68% of the markets cartridges are bought by us, making us the industrys biggest supplier, which in turn gives you a completely reliable resource regardless of how large or small your requirement.

We have a clear and simple ethos at Liquid Lens and that is our commitment to quality. We never compromise on our high standards. From the high-tech machinery to the superior resin, fast delivery and dedicated customer service, we always bend over backwards to support our customers and give them what they need, when they want it. Our sales and technical team is highly experienced in every aspect of the print, cutting and doming and can advise on all hardware, software, consumables, training and installation. Thats why Liquid Lens is No.1.

months is the shelf life of our resin. This is because of how we store and handle it at our manufacturing facility. Whilst most of our clients use the resin as soon as they receive it, its always good to know youre doming with the freshest resin available which has been vacuum-packed in moisture-free bags to protect it from prematurely ageing. This clear and flexible automotive-grade resin isnt just great to work with; it protects against UV exposure, abrasion and chemical contamination, making it ideal for many flat, non-porous materials such as polyester, vinyl, engraving laminates, metals, plastics, glass and marble. It can also be used to protect electrical components such as LED displays, junction boxes and general potting applications.

If you would like to know more about Liquid Lens,just ask.