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All About Name Tags: Sizes, Templates, Designs

annaOctober 20, 2014helpbadgesname badgesname tags

Name tagsare name cards that display a name of the holder and the key info such as a job title, a business name, a company logo, a type of his/her occupation (for example, school class name, membership status, access permission level, etc).

Hello, My name is _____ name tags template is the most standard name tag sample. But beyond classic name tag, there are over 80 name tag design templates!

Now go andmake name tagsany kind of name tags for free on MakeBadge website.

Name tag is a sort of name badges that distinguish from other business cards or labels. Name tag does not contain a lot of contact details. The goal of this document is to provide a brief introduction. Thus, name tags serve as a small talk to start communication. Typically, waiters, bartenders, sales persons, hotel employees wear name tags. Since name tags do not show much info, usually they go along with an employee picture ID or a business card.

There are more than 15 most demanded name tags categories at MakeBadge:

classic Hello, My name is ___ name tags;

rounded/circle name tags or name tags buttons;

employee name tags or staff name tags;

school name tags or name tags for kinds;

luggage tags or baggage tags/labels;

name tags for clothes or lapel name tags.

Each name tag type has its peculiarities and is available for design with name tag maker.

MakeBadge enables you to prepare several name tag design samples. A traditional name tag template includes persons name and job title. The content of this name badge kind is limited and standardized. The popular name tag templates are based on Hello, my name is ____ name badge model, where you can substitute the blank field with your hand-written employee name. Try our name tags maker with this sample, download a name tags template and print most suitable name tags for your staff without money waste.

Along with a regular name tag template, there are options to create custom name tags online. Dont stop your talent and make personalized name tags for each member of your team. Creative name tags design that goes beyond Microsoft Office name tags template will differentiate each person that wears unique name tags on his/her lapel. MakeBadge online name tag maker help change name tags background color; adjust shape and dimensions of name tags, choose specific font and writing style and offers more custom name tags design options that are rare for free name tags.

Employee name tags are indispensable satellites of all small business companies. Employee name tag templates are divided into 2 key categories: personalized employee name tags and reusable employee name tags templates. MakeBadge is a good free solution for both name tag making methods. Anyway, when you work in a service-oriented company, a helpful employee name tag, no matter custom or sample template, turns out to be a communication tool between employee and customers.

MakeBadge badge makeroffers 3 types of most popular employee name tag templates for download:

Full color photo ID employee name tag with your company logo

Classic custom employee name tag with business logo

Full color employee name tag without logo

Together with employee name tags, luggage name tags, name tags for kids are the name tags that you can make with MakeBadge name tag online software. Name tags for kids differ from ordinary name tags with joyful name tags design, less content and more attention to nice custom name tags template. Here are a fewname tags templates for school kidsthat might be useful when making name tags for children.

When you make name tags, be sure you will get printable name tags. Each name tag is prepared for printing. If you use our free name tag maker, the final actions are either download or print name tags. Its up to you to select the number of printed name tag copies you want to obtain. Just connect your printer to computer and get free printable name tags at your disposal. MakeBadge does not charge any fees for bulk name tag printing.

Name tags for clothes or lapel name tags are most frequent printable name tags types. You can print name tags with MakeBadge and place it under name tags plastic cover. Thus, employees will hook their name tags quickly. Besides, you can make name tags for kids or luggage and print them too.

Luggage tags or baggage tags are name tags for your travel bags. Unfortunately sometimes your luggage can be lost in an airport, so youd better make personalized luggage tags and put them on your suitcase. Thanks to MakeBadge, its easy to make luggage tag: go to the application, add your contact information with luggage return address and print custom luggage tags on your home printer.

Our name tag maker lets you make name tags of all kinds custom name tags and name tag templates for free. The process is really simple and takes less than 2 minutes. Below you can find overview of name tags production steps or go directly to a video tutorial onhow to make name tagsthat teaches you to design name tags. So tomake your name tags:

choose rectangular name badge template;

add a text field with a name and a job title to your name tag;

or leave the name field blank so you can fill in it manually and create a unified name tag template;

click Save button to download name tags template to your computer;

or press Print button and get printable name tags that you can automatically print.

So go ahead and make free name tags now