You are buying a Pet I.D. Tag to protect your pet from loss. Function/Durability are the most important considerations. We make the most durable tags available. Our priority is a tag that will still be on your pets collar and readable years after you buy it. Dont base your tag selection solely on how cute the tag is, our tags are as good looking as they get, but they are also more durable than the tags produced by any other manufacturer. The bottom line is: If your pet is lost you want the person who finds it to be able to read your contact information, if the text isnt going to remain readable over time there is really no point in buying a tag at all. That said, we Guarantee our CollarTags will remain legible for the life of the pet they are purchase for. I sincerely believe my CollarTags SHOULD make all traditional hanging tags obsolete. View our CollarTag Video, it plays on You Tube, the link is on our home page.

View our sample size chartandview our color sample chart. You may also viewsome samplesfor a better understanding of how the tags are engraved.

We make high quality / durable plastic tags. Sadly, because so many cut rate plastic tags are produced these days many people believe the material is not suitable for Pet ID Tags. This is not the case if a thick ABS plastic is used and a stainless steel eyelet is staked into the attaching hole, which we do. Not one of our competitors I am aware of makes a plastic tag equal to the ones we produce. Ironically most Pet ID Tags these days are made of aluminum, but, believe it or not, my plastic tags will outlast a tag made of aluminum by a factor of 4 to 1. Our plastic tags do not delaminate, break, or color fade and we guarantee them to last at least two years. Plastic tags must have an eyelet or the tag will fall off very soon after it is attached to the pets collar. The eyelet must be made of stainless steel. Brass eyelets are just a small step above nothing and a regular steel eyelet will quickly rust. We put a stainless steel eyelet in every plastic tag we make.

This is interesting: In situations where people can see our tags on a display in a pet store, our plastic tags outsell stainless by two to one. On the internet where people cannot see our tags in person, the stainless tags outsells plastic by three to one. Also, many of the humane organizations that buy tags from me buy my plastic tags.View what our customers say.

To sum up, I have only one priority when I make a tag: durability. This is because I know that your pets safe return may very well depend upon the tag you purchase from me. I am an honest and honorable person and providing the best tag I can is a responsibility that I take VERY seriously. I will not produce any tag I would not trust my own pets safe return to. A pet store owner told me I put one of your plastic tags on my dog and it was still readable eight years later.. Nothing lasts forever, but our plastic tags are durable while still being colorful and the text on a plastic tag will always be easier to read due to the contrasting letter color.

NOTE: No plastic tag can stand up to being chewed on, not even ours. In general, this is only a problem for teething puppies. We guarantee our plastic tags will not break during the first two years of the purchase date, but cannot guarantee them to be, chew proof they arent.

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If function (getting your lost pet back) is all youre concerned with, there is nothing like stainless steel, it wont rust and just plain old: lasts and lasts. The big controversy here is: engraved or stamped? We engrave our stainless tags, we use a secret process that allows us to get the lettering deep into the surface while still engraving the tag. Engraved lettering is much clearer, sharper, larger and better looking (see pictures of our stainless tags). Stamped stainless tags cannot compare to the over all appearance of those lettered using an engraving process. At this time we use a non-magnetic stainless; very hard and totally rust proof, even if left in salt water. For the ultimate stainless tags see our CollarTags at the bottom of this page.

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I love brass myself, but, before you order one of my brass tags I want you to be aware of some detractors regarding brass as a tag material: First of all brass is a soft metal, it wears quickly and will not last nearly as long as stainless steel, or even as long as one of our plastic tags, but a tag made of brass will outlast an aluminum tag. Brass tags may discolor the coat of some light colored pets. This does not occur on all pets fur and may be similar to some peoples skin turning colors when in contact with a given metal. Just sitting around a brass tag will quickly become badly tarnished, but the action of it rubbing against your pets fur will likely keep it polished. Brass tags that are coated with lacquer to prevent them from tarnishing are a joke, the lacquer will quickly wear off and the tag will not retain the finish it had when you bought it. The action of the tag rubbing against your pets coat should result in a dull golden look which I personally find attractive. As long as you understand these things and are willing to accept them I will say: brass does make a good looking tag.

Aluminum is the most common metal used to produce the tags made in vending machines in the big box stores. Aluminum is not a good material to make tags out of. Does anyone out there fail to realize that aluminum is one of the softest metals made? The reason they use aluminum in the vending machines is that they cannot, with the available equipment, produce adequate pressure to engrave stainless steel. Aluminum tags are a cheap and risky way to protect your pet from loss. Tags made of aluminum may last on very sedentary pets, but even then the anodization (process used to color coat aluminum) will wear off and the tag will soon be a dull gray color. Dont buy aluminum tags, they are cheap and wear out quickly, thus jeopardizing your chances of getting your pet back should it become lost.

CollarTags are the way to go. They are, without Question: The Best Way to ID your Pet

We now have this style of tag to fit a wide variety of collars. We strongly recommend that you buy and use this type of tag to protect your pet. We are so confident in this tag that we Guarantee it for the life of your pet. Thats right: If you buy one of these tags from us and it ever wears out we will replace it free of charge. Even if you have a traditional / hanging tag on your pet, put one of these on its collar too, its worth the small added expense. Long after the text has worn off a hanging tag your pets CollarTag will still be there and readable, and, if you ever lose your pet that is all that will matter to you. When it comes to Pet Identification function is the most important consideration and NO tag functions better than a CollarTag.I bought a slide on CollarTag from your website…everyone wants to know where I got it. They just love it!! Its so much nicer to have a tag that doesnt jingle, and the peace of mind that he wont lose his tag when hes out in the field. I highly recommend this tag for any dog owner!! – Cheryl of Lincoln Park, MI

Note: We have CollarTag styles that work with Rolled Leather Collars, Martingale Collars, Invisible Fence Collars, and Double-Thick Nylon Collars with eyelets in the buckle holes. Virtually all collars are now covered by some style we produce.

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