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I may be aging myself, but conversation heart candies have really changed from the way I remember them as a kid.

Now they have messages like Text Me or Tweet Me. And rarely is the message stamped squarely in the center of the candy seriously candy makers, you have one job to do, lol.

I found a really cute font this morning, so I made these cute conversation heart-inspired tags to add some whimsy to your cake pops or other Valentines Day treats.

Download the PDF for FREE:Conversation Tags

Tags are sized to work with a 1.5 round punch. Visit myUltimate Tag Tutorialto learn the best tools & tricks to make your tags a success.

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Halloween is next week woohoo! I created some fun & FREE printables just for you guys! These tags are sized perfectly for cake pops, but they will work great for any tasty treat.

First, you need some sparkly Halloween-themed cake pops. And a beautifulKC Bakescake pop stand, of course.See the end of this post for Sparkle Pops tips.

UsingAardvark paper strawsinHalloween-themed colors, and mixing the striped and chevron patterns, really amplifies the wow factor.

Not only are these cake pops easy to decorate, they are my favorite kind of cake pop to eat! I just love the crunch of the sanding sugar shell, combined with the soft, chocolately cake pop inside YUM.

I have two options for your cake pop tagging pleasure. First, Happy Halloween tags in fun, festive colors (Download PDF Color).


The second option, and my personal favorite, are the black only tags (Download PDF Black).  The great thing about these tags they can be printed on different color paper to create various looks, all from the same file!

Select different Halloween colors of card stock (green, orange, white even a light purple would work), and mix & match your tags with your treats.

Remember those orange sticker gems? They make a great tag accents!

If you want to get evenfancier, get some sparkly scrapbooking paper, and punch out a background tag (view tips:Ultimate Tag Tutorial).

Dont have aKC Bakespaper straw stand, but still want to use those beautiful Aardvark Straws? Place lollipop sticks into your KC Bakes cake pop stand, and slide the straws right over them works like a charm!

You can use cake pops, or even marshmallows!

Immediately after dipping them in chocolate (and tapping off all of the excess candy), quickly shower them with sanding sugar. S

ay that three times fast I keep reading it as shower shanding sugar, lol!

To get your pops super sparkly, continue to sprinkle on the sugar until you cant see any candy coating peeking through.

I usually go through one container of sanding sugar on two or three pops. Pour over a spouted 2-cup glass measuring cup, so when you run out, just pop the top off of the sugar container for an easy refill.

For best results, match your melting candy color to your sanding sugar color, that way if some peeks through, its not as noticeable. It doesnt have to be the exact shade of the sugar; I used dark chocolate for the black sanding sugar pops.

Cake Pop Labelscake pop tagscake popsTreat Labelstreat tags

Last week, I sharedPart 1of this tutorial, showing how you can make tags without using a computer. All you need is some cute scrapbook paper, some craft punches and youre set!

Today Ill show you how to make your own custom, professional-looking tags on the computer. I use PowerPoint 2007 to design my tags; Im sure there are other programs out there, but this is what works best for me.

If you need clarifications on any part of this post, please email me with your questions () its so much easier for me to explain that way, rather than in the comment section.

When creating tags, it is more efficient to use a craft punch. This ensures you get the same shape every time, and its much less taxing on your hands than using scissors. But how do you know that your design will fit within the confines of the punch area?

Create a template, so that anytime you want to make tags, all you have to do is open a file. I use a 1.5 round punch to make my own tags, so I need to create a 1.5 circle shape in PowerPoint.

To make my first template, I used the line tool. Make sure your top and side rulers are displayed:

With the line tool selected, drag out vertical and horizontal lines (shown in pink) that are 1.5 apart this will create a 1.5 square area picture making a tic-tac-toe board.

After you make the lines, select the circle tool. Click and drag it from the top/left corner to the bottom/right corner, creating a 1.5 circle.

Delete your spacing lines (the pink ones in my pic) and youre left with a correctly-sized circle. Save the file as tag template, so the next time you want to make tags, you can start with a ready-made circle.

Tip 1: when designing your tags, try to keep the top/center area clear this is where your hole punch will go later on.

Tip 2: when you are ready to begin a new tag design, after opening your tag template file, immediately save as a new file, ex. Basketball Tags this way you dont accidentally save over your template file and have to create a new one from scratch.

Once you have your tag template,the rest is up to you. Do you want to add words, design, clipart, etc? Adding words is pretty simple just click on the Text Tool and drag out an area to the size of your tag.

The font most likely will be size 18 by default keep in mind youre creating a 1.5 circle depending on the font type, usually size 10 12 works just fine.

Depending on your clip art, you may need to bend the words around the image. Use the Text Effects in the Format menu to transform your words to best suit your tag.

Speaking of clip art, sometimes its tough to find an image that fits inside the tag template and gives you enough room to add text.

Try placing your image off-center, with some of it outside of your template boundaries you will see the excess image while designing it, but look at the image on the right when you cut out the tag, its not noticeable!

These tags are some of my favorites they are simple and clean, yet the inner dashed circle really elevates it to a designer level.

To create that stitched effect, use your circle tool and create a circle that is just slightly smaller than your original tag template. Then, in the Format Menu, you can change the thickness as well as the dash pattern.

Another cool effect is to add a thin line within your tag template border. To do this, copy your circle image, and change its color (shown in pink here). Then, using your mouse or arrow keys, line the the pink circle up over your original circle. If its lined up correctly, after you move it, you shouldnt be able to see the purple circle.

Then, change the thickness of the pink circle to make it thinner than the purple circle, and it will give you a neat look.(click image to enlarge)

If you want to get even a little fancier, change the pink line to a dashed line!

I tend to stick with the circle shape because it allows me to use my round punch. But if you want to get creative, there are quite a few selections in the Shape Menu that would make for interesting tags.

Tip: if youre selling your treats or donating them to an event, make some tags with your contact information so that future potential customers know how to place an order with you.

Cake pop charms are a really cute way to give your treats some personality. Two of the charms I use most often are diaper pins for Baby Showers and crosses for Baptisms or First Communions, both from AC Moore.

(check out mybaby rattle cake pop tutorial!)

Early on in my tag making, I used a simple hand-held single-hole punch I think they cost a whopping $1 at Staples. But the more I made tags, I didnt like how it left that big gaping round hole.

A few months ago, I found this cool hand-held rectangle hole punch at Michaels for $6.

Its just the perfect width for twistie ties, ribbon, etc. And now my tags dont have that big hole missing from the tag, its just the little slot.

When your tag design is finalized, copy/paste it across the page I can fit 20 tags per page that are nice and evenly spaced.

For best results, print your tags on white cardstock. I dont have a printer at home, so I always save my tag files on a thumb drive and go to Staples. Its about $1/page to print in color, which works out to be $0.05 a tag.

If you need some tag inspiration to get you started, here are some tags that Ive made over the last few months:Cake Pop Tag Gallery. I also have someFreebie Tagsthat are ready-made and free to download.

I think that about wraps it up! I hope this post helps you to create some fabulous creations for your treats tag me if you post pics of them so I can see your awesome work!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please subscribe to my blog by entering your email at the top/right corner! 🙂 There are more tutorials in the works, stay tuned!

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Cake pop tags are the perfect way to personalize your baked goods. They enable you to add extra details that may be tough to incorporate on the actual treat itself, such as wording or pictures.

Making cake pops for a wedding reception? Elevate them by adding a tag with the couples name, wedding date or thank you message. Making an order for a corporate client? Ask them if theyd like their logo on a cake pop tag, theyll love it!

You can always hand-cut your tags with scissors, but the more tags I make, Ive found these tools to be essential (L-R): single rectangle hole punch, 1.5 round punch & 2 flower punch.

I bought these tools from Michaels & AC Moore. The bigger punches can get a little pricey, but both stores always have weekly coupons on their websites for 40% or 50% off. And dont forget, stores accept competitors coupons. Have a smart phone? Pull the coupon up on your phone from your email or the store website.I do this all the time.Bottom line: If you only ever learn one thing from this blog never go craft shopping without a coupon!

There are two general methods that you can use to go about making your cake pop tags using a computer, or not using a computer. Lets start with the non-computer tags.(The computer method will come in Part 2 of this tutorial next week! Its a lot of info to share & I didnt want to overwhelm ya).

Using white card stock or craft paper, create your own personal hand-written messages.

Find a festive patterned paper and use the flower punch to create a background tag.

Line up the tags as to how youd like them to look (white tag centered on the dotted flower shape), and punch through both at the same time.

This way the hole is at the same position on the each tag.

Slip a twistie-tie through both tags & ta da a cute little personalized tag that takes less than 3 minutes to make.

While I was at AC Moore, I came across this super fun sheet of scrapbook paper. It had so many different phrases and shapes! Line up your 1.5 hole punch over whatever parts appeal to you, punch it out & pair it with a sparkly background boom instant cake pop tag!

Curling ribbon is a pretty way to attach cake pop tags, but it is time consuming. The ribbon twisting this way and that, having to tie knots and sometimes it gets that static-cling where you cant shake it off your hand.

I prefer using twistie ties theyre easy to use, and come in pretty metallic colors.Tip: the twistie ties I buy are  7 long cut the them in half! This way you dont have all that excess to twist around, and you get more bang for your buck.

Avoid getting tails like you see on packs of bread with this easy method.

Slip the twistie in through the slot. Bend it back, flat against the tag, then twist at the top to secure it.

Hold the tag (pretty side up) flat against the pop, then wrap the tail around the pop stick until it runs out.

The more I looked around that sheet of Valentines Day scrapbook paper, the more tag options I found. I had so much fun, I made this set of 12 cake pop tags for a giveaway!

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