Custom Panel Overlays Faceplates

Companies in all types of industries industrial manufacturingtransportationmedicaltechnology and communications, and more need custom panel overlays, faceplates and control panel overlays for brand recognition, product identification and equipment labeling. These components must meet precise specifications and offer long-lasting durability.

Thats why two words best describe NFI Corps custom panel overlays:preciseanddurable. We have decades of experience and are recognized experts in engineering and manufacturing high-performing faceplates, overlays and control panels.

Companies around the world rely on us for a wide variety of custom panel overlays. Look to NFI Corp as your reliable source for:

Printed with a wide range of color options and materials, our faceplates and computer overlays are ideal solutions for various products and types of equipment:

We have an exceptional library of dies that allow for a wide variety of shape and size options. We can also create custom dies that meet your specifications, shapes, cutouts and hole requirements. Standard cutting tolerances of +/- .010 are used, however tighter tolerances are available for an additional cost.

We offer a variety of embossing services to print rigid plastic products, including rim embossing and pillow embossing, Braille and LED domes. Contact us at o request our stylized embossed membrane switch sample, which showcases our wide range of embossing options.

Optically registered laser cutting enables prototyping and fine precision for close proximity cutouts, such as spacer guides. Our skilled laser cutters can cut custom shapes and sizes that would be impossible to achieve using a steel rule die. Typical tolerances of laser cutters are of +/-.005.

With years of experience creating custom panel overlays and faceplates, NFI Corp can offer a variety of options. We can include deadfront icons and symbols with a range of color windows. SinglePoint LEDs can be included in designs or on the backlit graphics. In fact, we can design your products and solutions to be backlit and not visible until lit. Colors can be created by using either translucent inks with a white light source or color LEDs.

These products are visible when not lit but become functional indicators when lit, and the addition of urethane doming provides a button-like feel. Specific daytime and nighttime colors can be customized.

NFI Corp manufactures overlays and faceplates using a variety of high quality materials:

Lexan® (polycarbonate): .005-.030 thickness with additional layers of spacers when required

PVC (scuff-resistant vinyl): .006-.030 thickness

You can choose from a range of finish options for your project:

Glossy: Hard coated for window and touch durability, as well as scratch resistance

Matte: Smooth, non-reflective finish, hard-coated for scratch-resistant windows and keys

Textured: Abrasion-resistant or abrasion-proof, non-reflective, diffuses digital displays

Texturite®: Selectively applied around non-distorting display windows, enhances or highlights graphic appearance

Panel Overlay and Faceplate Prototypes FAST!

With NFI Corps Prototype Program, you get rapid product development with a guaranteed fast turnaround. This program is ideal for small runs that you can use as a marketing and engineering test to confirm form, fit and function.

Specifically, our Prototype Program delivers:

Individualized support from our skilled design and pre-press team

Rapid development (3-5 day delivery)

Small quantity production (10 pieces)

Testing without the costs of full production or tooling

Get Started on Your Prototype Today!

Call us at (800) 999-8900 our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern.Or click HERE to submit a request for a prototype.

Tamperproof / Indestructible Labels

Just got the labels, they look awesome as always!  You guys do great work!

As a trusted vendor for over a decade, NFI is our go to vendor of choice for all our label needs. We use a label on every machine distributed to the field, so picking the right label is critical. Their labels can withstand years of abuse and UV. Their customer service is top notch; they ship fast and can accommodate even the most demanding schedules.

If youre looking to work with the best, call NFI. Youll be glad you did.

This is why I love working with NFI, high volume shop with the response times of a small mom and pop shop! Thanks guys!

In my 30ish years in my professional career, I have worked at Fasco Consumer Products Purolator Moorman & Kiser & DBI have all used NFI. Small world & we all love your Company. Thanks again for being there for over 30 plus years for me & my companies.

Thank you for reviewing our print and bringing value added quality improvement suggestions for a better product. This is greatly appreciated!

Just got the labels, they look great!  Thank you so much for the hustle to get them to us early!

I love NFi! I want to Thank You and all the staff who make my job a lot easier. You guys have always performed when it counted. Your service is great. Thanks to Connie for all your help. My customer will be very happy.

Please pass our compliments on to your entire team for a job well done. If all of our vendor-suppliers operated like NFI, we would be a very fortunate company indeed. We will be relying on you in the future.

Many thanks for getting our RAD Galaxy bottom labels to us so quickly. The production team is happyand then so am I.

We give your Products the identification and the recognition they deserve ®.