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Dont know how to design a logo? Dont be intimidated, the logo design technology built into our logo generator easily guides you through the process. If you need assistance, feel free tocontact us.

Think very carefully about the typography of your logo design. Typeface, sizing, leading, pairing, fonts, and colors are all fair game. Certain fonts represent emotions, while others are barely readable. As a rule of thumb, keep your business name short by avoiding unnecessary extensions to your companys name and use only 1-2 fonts to avoid disorientation.

Our logo generator color wheel includes thousands of colors to choose from. Using too many colors can be confusing and dilute your brands image. Smart color choices are critical in creating a professional brand identity. Do some research on color schemes before diving into your design.

Simplicity is the key to clean design. By avoiding busy clutter and heavy effects, your design will receive much more attention. Generally speaking, companies with sleek, minimal logos convey organization and modern aesthetic. Our free logo maker offers dozens of customizable features, but dont overdo it!

Once you have created your business logo using our online Logo maker tool, you can download the file in JPG, PNG, and SVG format in various sizes and versions.

Yes, you can edit the design easily through our free online logo Generator.

Yes, we recommend this and request you to submit the application at your local patent office.

It should take less than 10 minutes to generate your free logo online. Just refer to the above How it works section!