So I had recently desynthesized more stuff. I had to also desynth with Goldsmith skill (and Culinarian skill), or leveling up my Blacksmith Desynthesis can randomly decrease it. So in the first session of Steel Doming Hammer desynth, I also did 100 Mythril Rings of Crafting.

It was exact tie, in term of Fieldcraft Demimateria I.

On my server, it is slightly cheaper to make a Steel Doming Hammer than a Mythril Ring of Crafting, due to the price of Earth Shard vs. Wind Shards.

So, the next day I desynthesized more Steel Doming Hammers, using the leftover Steel Ingots and Oak Lumbers from previous session, and also bought more from NPC.

Results werent as pleasing. Only got 15 Field. Demimateria I instead of 18. Just tough luck, maybe.

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Desynthesis: Mythril Ring of Crafting

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Ive been needing a lot of Demimateria I (both Battlecraft and Fieldcraft) lately and since making and desynthesizing Electrum stuff was too troublesome (and desynthesis failed on me quite a lot despite being  at 88-89% success rate), Ive tried and recorded the results of a desynthesis session using 160 Mythril Rings of Crafting.

I started with about 110 sets of materials but ended up having enough for 160 rings, as it yielded a mad amount of Ingot and Whetstones.

The pic above shows a pie chart of the desynthesis session.

The pic below lists the prices of stuff as well as the results. Click on the pic below for larger view.

Next time, even though it means I have to spend about 30,000 more gil, Ill just buy Ingots from the Amaljaa vendor instead of making from scratch.

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