The purpose of DomeDesign is to be a leading company in Europe and the World in the production of 3D. DomeDesign is a proven producer and trader and we are present at the European market since 2011. In DomeDesign we produce output that we sell only abroad. Our main markets are: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and other European countries. About 25% of our market are for the countries worldwide. In this regard our main clients are the United States, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and others.

With the increase of the capacity in DomeDesign, we can gladly offer our 3D domed resin stickers on the market. In this respect our main target are the corporate clients. The creation of this site has a task to promote these products in the country. DomeDesign 3D domed stickers are produced from the highest quality materials supplied by leading manufacturers in this industry. The manufacturers, whose products we implement in our production, work on the requirements of ISO 9001.Make your inquiryNameEmailThemeMessageSendDOMEDESIGN

DomeDesign has a base equipped with large-format printers Roland, guaranteeing perfect digital printing and contour cutting. We have a fully robotic production line for 3D resin dome stickers that allows a total print of thousands of stickers per day. For smaller print runs we have semiautomatic machine that allows the production of 1000 3000 units perManufacturer doming company for 3D domed resin stickers

3D Domed stickers are elastic, with a smooth and fully transparent surface. They can be used in internal and in external conditions. They are 100% UV protected. The stickers dont turn yellow in the sunlight. They cant be affected by water. The sell-by date is more than eight years when they are correctly sticking, no matter where they are used. Manufacturer doming company for 3D domed resin stickers.