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To go below the surface of water or another liquid:

We watched the leaky inner tube slowly sink.

To descend to the bottom of a body of water or other liquid:

To fall or drop to a lower level, especially to go down slowly or in stages:

The water in the lake sank several feet during the long, dry summer.

Cracks developed as the building sank.

To appear to move downward, as the sun or moon in setting.

The road sinks as it approaches the stream.

To fall or lower oneself slowly, as from weakness or fatigue:

The exhausted runner sank to the ground.

To feel great disappointment or discouragement:

The claws sank into the flesh of the prey.

To deteriorate in quality or condition:

The patient is sinking fast. The family sank into a state of disgrace.

To become weaker, quieter, or less forceful:

To make an impression; become felt or understood:

To cause to descend beneath the surface or to the bottom of a liquid:

He sank his sword into the dragons belly.

To dig or drill (a mine or well) in the earth.

To propel (a ball or shot) into a hole, basket, or pocket.

To make weaker, quieter, or less forceful:

She sank her voice when the manager walked by.

The bad news will sink markets around the world.

The scandal has sunk him in the eyes of many.

To bring to a low or ruined state; defeat or destroy:

Loss of advertising sank the newspaper.

He sank his arrogance and apologized.

To invest or spend, often without getting a return or adequate value:

Ive sunk a lot of money into that car.

A water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe and generally a piped supply of water.

A natural or artificial means of absorbing or removing a substance or a form of energy from a system.

A place regarded as wicked and corrupt:

To undertake an endeavor energetically:

She sank her teeth into the challenging project.

To fail or succeed without alternative.

a feeling in the stomach caused by hunger or uneasiness

a descent as through liquid (especially through water); they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic

settlingsubsidingsubsidence- a gradual sinking to a lower level

immersionsubmergencesubmergingsubmersion- sinking until covered completely with water

founderinggoing under- (of a ship) sinking

a slow fall or decline (as for lack of strength); after several hours of sinking an unexpected rally rescued the market; he could not control the sinking of his legs

decreaselesseningdrop-off- a change downward; there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided; there was a sharp drop-off in sales

a feeling caused by uneasiness or apprehension; with a sinking heart; a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach

anxiety- a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune

that sinking feelingesasensacindeansiedadordesazn

with a sinkingheartentristecido3.(Fin)a sinking pound/dollarunalibra/unC.CPDsinking fundN(Fin) fondomdeamortizacinsinking[sk]n[ship] naufragem

the sinking of the Titanic lenaufragedu Titanicadj

to get that sinking feeling avoir le curserrsinking fundn(FINANCE)fondsmpldamortissementsink unitnbloc-viermsinkingn (of ship)Untergangm; (deliberately) Versenkungf;(of shaft)Senkennt, Abteufennt (spec);(of well)Bohrenntadj(Fin)currencyfallend;asinkingship(lit, fig)ein sinkendesSchiff;with (a)sinkingheartschweren Herzens;he realized with asinkingheart that das Herzwurdeihmschwer, als ermerkte, dass ;sinkingfeeling(im Magen)(inf);I got a horriblesinkingfeeling when I realized miranders, als icherkanntesinking[sk]1.n(shipwreck) naufragio2.adjaorthat sinking feelingunastrettaallostomaco

I have a sinking feeling that things have gone wrong ho ilche lecosesiano andatemale

with sinking heart con lamortenelcuore

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