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Yes! Our first Larimar Jewelry photo shooting

We love our beaches, we love the sun and we love our so special and unique Larimar stone! So in our efforts to exalt the beauty of this stone, we finally decided to execute a blue thought which had been dwelling in our minds for some time: Take pictures of ourLarimar jewelrywith a brown suntanned color model close to the sea to demonstrate that the different blue hues of the Larimar stone really mimics the blue colors of our sea waters!!

We took different outfits and some other items to achieve wonderful photos and hit the road to our regular rented beach house in Juan Dolio, which is approx. 25 minutes ride from Santo Domingo city. On our way we could not miss buying and eating the famous Yaniqueque (maybe a Dominican version of Jonny cakes) which is so well made by the people of that area.

Hanging in the sun with our fabulous Larimar jewelry

It was a beautiful day, the perfect scenario to start our first photo shooting at the beach!! My, my, my, although we have been dealing with this stunning stone for many years, we were again greatly marveled with the blue beauty and shine of Larimar amidst the blue sky and blue and blue green sea waters!!!

We really enjoyed every photo shoot, we had the opportunity to be creative with all the marvelous surroundings, always with the real intention to display the uniqueness of theLarimar stoneand its connection with our Caribbean sea, sky, people, the whole tropical atmosphere!!

After a few hours of hot sun exposure, we decided it was enough for this time and drove happily back home, satisfied with the job done and hoping that our customers will be delighted with our newLarimar jewelryexhibition!!

In our country, the Dominican Republic, the only place in the whole world, so far, where the blue pectolite, named LARIMAR is mined, you will find a variety of small workshop formed by old and young artisans who handcraftLarimar rings, pendants, bracelets, as well asLarimar necklaces, also using different types of beads to obtain beautiful natural Larimar pieces.

Those workshops are all over the city of Santo Domingo and some have moved to small towns close to the Larimar mines where they can lower their production cost using less expensive workmanship and obtaining better prices and stone quality.

The designs of mostLarimar braceletsandearringsare very simple and classic, mainly made with teardrop and oval shapes cabochons. One can find more variety in the Larimar rings and pendants, where more free form cabochons are used.

If the artisan wants to make the most of a Larimar slab, he will make only free form cabochons and cut the regular shapes from small stones.

You will also find the combination for example ofLarimar braceletsand earrings with Dominican pink conch and amber. Only one or two artisans combine Larimar jewelry with mother of pearl.

A few years ago many workshops used 14K gold to mount first quality Larimar stone, but nowadays, due to extremely high price of gold, they use mainly 925 silver, giving buyers the opportunity to have beautiful blueLarimar pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces for reasonable prices.

Larimar is a special semi-precious stone because it has a rich variety of deep blue, light blue and green blue colors like our Caribbean Sea and beaches, also with beautiful patterns making each piece unique.

We confess that we are deeply in love with our share of the eastern side of the Hispaniola Island, the Dominican Republic, its land, mountains, rivers, beaches, flora and fauna, and the authenticity of our people.

When we started knowing our unique Larimar stone, which mimics our Caribbean blue sea waters and clear blue sky, also frequently adorned with white clouds, so well, we fell in love with this Dominican national stone and decided to share this beauty, in our Dominican style, with the world!

The reasons that encouraged us to move forward with ourLarimar projectwas the fact that our Larimar stone is offered many times abroad, omitting the truth that this stone is found and mined only in the Dominican Republic and at the same time the publicity of some well known Larimar designers/vendors, telling that they get the best quality of Larimar so that the low grade quality is left in the Dominican Republic for us to use! Also they have underestimated the Dominican craftsmanship and creativity to expose the beauty of Larimar with jewelry that makes it shine!

Contrary to the jewelry artisans, for example, of Mexico, Indonesia, India who learned their skills through many, many generations, our Dominican jewelry artisans hopped into this art approx. end of the sixties, and in the eighties a jewelry school was established in the city of Puerto Plata, with the aid of the Dominican Development Agency, Fundacion Dominicana de Desarrollo, as well as the efforts made by Miguel Mendez (the rediscoverer of the Larimar stone and who named it ) to prepare jewelers and traders of this unique stone. Nowadays there are several schools and projects to teach jewelry art, which has resulted in better prepared and skilled jewelry artisans. During the visit last year of our actual Dominican president Danilo Medina to the Larimar mines, it was decided to give the Larimar miners and artisans financial and technical assistance to improve their work

In view of the above exposure, we decided to create our ownLarimar collectionto make clear that we count with excellent craftsmanship and creative jewelry artisans who can design and make wonderful pieces to display the uniqueness of our Larimar stone and please the different preferences!

To honor the regions and surroundings of the mountain range Bahoruco in the Province of Barahona, where the Larimar stone is mined, we have decided to use the names of the different towns and places therein.

MENA Collection, named after Mena town, located in the province of Bahoruco (or Baoruco), southwest of the Province of Barahona!

TheMENACollection was created to obtain a fresh and modern appearance to exalt the beauty of the blue Larimar stone in stylish 925 silver settings!

The MENA pendant, MENA earrings and MENA bracelet will add a something special, a delightful touch to womens look!

, named after Uvilla town, located in the province of Bahoruco (or Baoruco), southwest of the province of Barahona

TheUVILLACollectionis an exquisite, elegant design that gives a flash of blue bling to those women who love to wear eye-catching pieces to enhance their femininity!

We are also creating within this collection a variety of UVILLA pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelet to allow our customers to acquire their UVILLA piece with more or less Larimar stones!

MONSERRATCollection, named after Monserrat, a small town also located in the province of Bahoruco (or Baoruco), southwest of the province of Barahona

TheMONSERRATaims to give the Larimar beads its full glance, combined with Mother of Pearl, creating pristine designs for an appealing, natural touch to womens final outfit!

These collections are the beginning of a new challenge for our strive to place ourDominican Larimar jewelryin a higher position, showing the world that Dominican jewelry artisans and designers have learned the art of making stunning pieces, letting our national Larimar stone shine by its own!

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