eEasy DIY dog identification tags

Want to give your dog a mini little makeover? Forget an expensive haircut or clothes. Instead, make him or her a cute new nametag to hang on their collar with these fun blogger DIY ideas!

From metal-stamped tags to cute paper cutouts, theres a DIY project for just about any level of crafter. Whether you have a boy or a girl, a lab or a mini poodle, one of these cute tags will help you keep track of your furry friends in style.

If youre looking for a unique DIY dog tag, this stamped metal tag from EagleRowe is perfect for you! The circular tags are made from stamped brass discs; while the names, cute hearts and arrows are stamped onto the tags using metal stamps (which can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby). We love the idea of adding numbers to give these tags a rustic, army look and feel.

For the step-by-step photo tutorial, be sure to check it out here onEagleRowe.

If youre looking for a cute dog tag that is a little easier to make, try these vintage-looking marker and glue tags by Creative Green Living! We love the slightly smeared, used look and youll love that the paint and markers are enameled (and completely non-toxic)! Not only are these cuter than the stamped tags you get at the vet, theyre also super easy (and cheap) to make yourself.

For the complete step-by-step photo tutorial, dont miss the blog post byCreative Green Living.

For something with a bit of a rustic or vintage flair, make a few of these cute plastic and paper dog tags! These tags are made with shrinkable plastic and then topped with paper. To customize the color, you can use a non-toxic marker or paint! We love the slightly shabby look of Lanas, so we recommend painting and then using sand paper to chip some of it off. If you dont have shrinkable plastic, you can easily use regular dog tags or cut plastic.