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This house in the posh Jubilee hills in Hyderabad for a buisness man is on aplot of 170 x 80 ft. Built on three floors with vault roofs cascading down to the entrance. The entrance is raised to first floor level and the house overlooks the large green space in front. The roof were made of steel fabrications with hollow clay blocks and insitu screed on top. Complaince tovastuwas a great constraint as it goes as norm in Hyderabad.

There is also a general local trend in upper crest of society to display luxurious consumption. This particular house showed great restraint on that in the outside and as compared to the neibours it is too frugal. But the interior has been following the local upper class taste, with very little complaince to the restraints put by the architects. The interior executed by the local contractors has little understanding of the value of restrained design. It also happens that at the finishing of interiors, the architects happens to have little say especially if worked form longer distance. It was an experience, but the conundrum of clashing design values tilts more in the favour of what the clients class of local society apreciates. The design is appreciated for what others say than what is inherently valued. Sensitvity has a uphill task in that situation. One is left with the only option of giving it all up.

Client : GR Reddy, MD EXCEL Rubbers Hyderabad

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Khader Sait House is an experiment at defining the space without physical boundaries. Surprise, is the first experience as one enters the house. The landscaped courts and the living space are blend into one experience. The unobstructed vision is drawn to as far as the boundary wall masked by landscape and waterfall.

The space is defined by the floor, which traces the edge of the sweeping ceiling. A brick wall sets a background to this sensational space. The

wall blends with the landscape of the garden at one end and at the other provides a backdrop to the wooden staircase.

The presence of the wall is significant as it enhances the natural-feel to the experience of the space. This environment is refined further by the wooden ceiling and panelling which mellows the spatial experience.

The exterior form is a vibrant combination of the exaggerated inclined planes. Windows are playfully placed in the composition to enhance the visual activity produced by the compilation. Brick walls are selectively plastered to emphasize the separation of forms.  fromBricks 2008by weinerberger

Aug 23, 2009a place to live,kadar sait house mysoreComments Off

Built on a plot of 40 x 60 in an upcoming area in Bangalore, India, this house for a successful young entrepreneur reacts positively to the emerging life style with all the complexities of present day Bangalore: part traditional part contemporary, conservative in some respects and forward looking in others and emerging social habits and hobbies .

It is an inward looking compact 4 bedroom house with modern conveniences and protection and privacy from nuisances of its urban milieu. All heating and ventilation is natural, materials local, and the design fully embraces available traditional artisan skills. The walls are largely load bearing with bricks and local hand cut stones and roof of concrete filler slabs and vaults with hollow clay blocks. Use of wood, steel, glass and vitrified ceramics along with the internal angles and volumes and merging of green patches in living areas and patches of sunlight filtering in through punctures in the roof add the traditional warmth as well as a contemporary feel.

Completed fully: 2007                               Associate Architects: Baburaj, M.Muthukumar, Sunil Nayak

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This 3200 sq. ft house was designed for a former Vice Chancellor of Mysore University on a site of 50 x 80. Small patches of three green courtyards were carved out of the site to be accessed from living and dining rooms. The roof is made of hollow clay block vaulting and brick doming with out centering. A wood bridge over the living connects the front and rear rooms in the first floor. Sky lighting is used with advantage. The house incorporates rain water harvesting and solar water heating.

Design team: BS Bhooshan, Sunil Nayak

Hegde Residence at Mysore is a departure from the archetypal visual and spatial idiom of local architectural expression. Curvilinear forms are used to form a cascading composition of roofs.

The brick-masonry dome and the sweeping form of the roof constructed with hollow clay panels covered with china-mosaic, compose the crest of the compilation. Stone and brick walls form the static base of the dynamic forms deed architecture is craftsmanship of space. He enjoys using exposed materials in various elements of the building to explore the influence of their visual and textural aesthetics, on the space, environment and the user. The use of brick in his works is motivated by the experience of warmth it imparts to the space.  fromBrick 2008,a book by Weinerberger, Austria ( link below page)

Awarded IIA  2009 Award for Excellence in Architecture by Indian Institute of Architects.

Aug 23, 2009a place to live,hegde house mysoreComments Off

Rangayana is a theater repertoire of Karnataka. It has been using make shift spaces since inception; one outdoor among woods by the side of lake and another on the basement of a huge stage of a humongous Kalamandira auditorium that is considered good only for political speeches. In 2001, a national theater festival hosted by Rangayana needed building up an intimate theater space within a short time of 5o days and and on a shoe string budget.  This resulted in recreating an indoor theater, Bhoomigeetha, in the existing basement space. Carved out of it was a theater for 240 seats with all necessary paraphernalia required for a standard intimate theater. Also we recreated the Vanaranga among the wooded space adding up lighting, proper seating, backdrops, side stages and green rooms etc and also added a symbolic entry and a ticket booth. The theater enthusiasts received the spaces well and became noted spaces of theater and discussed at national levels.

The process of creation of these spaces also saw us innovating with recycling and reuse of available waste materials and discarded stage sets. The embedded energy of recreation remained low as a result.

Aug 19, 2009Auditorium,engaging spaces,institutionComments Off

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