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New NPC added to the New Texas Gym: Mirrin! Shes packed full of content, so be sure to give her a whirl, especially if youre a fan of amazons! (Enjoy her training stat boosts while they last. Im going to come in with a nerf bat later, I think).

Apparently Jacques00 coded in a submitted upbringing choice Slutty. Dont expect this one to hang around long. It slipped in without proper review.

We went ahead and pushed in Pippas expansion, but I have not had time to properly review it quite yet, so theres a possibility that it may be changed, tweaked, or cut if it does not pass muster. TIme has not been cooperative.

Im going to be out of the office for most of the next week, so dont expect to see much of me till next weekend-ish. Im sorry I didnt get all the stuff I wanted in for this patch there was a whole scene I wrote and some new busts I wanted in, but time did not cooperate.

At left: Erra, as drawn byVenusFlowerArt!

Shes just sooo fucking cute damnit!

Thirded. Im not into petplay, but Id scritch her ears all night long.

Oh boy does slutty upbringing sound terrifying here in XXI century

This is probably a recurring question but when is the next public build being released?

I hear ya, Im waiting too. I would assume sometime soon since its usually around the first week or so of the month.

it was literally said in the last post that it would likely be Thursday

Typicaly a week to 2 weeks into a month give or take. Usualy the former.

is the public gonna get to experience the temporary upbringing or is that gonna be eliminated/reworked before the next public patch?

Aww you could of at least left it in for this build then taken it out the next. Oh well.

Thats gonna cause some backlash Fenoxo, just you wait for the shoe to drop, I myself was looking forward to the slutty upbringing in the Public build. (Insert ANGRY FACE here.)

No chance a re-worked version will ever be implemented? Damn. Kinda liked the concept.

Dont expect this one to hang around long.

You monster. Let it live. It deserves a chance at life!

Hrm, Mirrin. Its well written, butI dont know, I guess I expected a bit more warning that I was going to be dommed and buttfucked? Maybe I didnt read the preceding scenes closely enough.

Shes an Amazon, so that should have told you all you needed to know.

Bah he probably expecting something like Futuramas death by snu-snu. Granted Im not a backer but I would of hoped for the fucking to go both ways. You know like her riding you into the bed until you blow too soon, then she drags out of bed intent on getting hers by pressing you against a wall and fucking you up the wall and blowing a load so big you can taste it as you cry out from an anal induced orgasm. Well either way I look forward to the public release.

She has like 4 scenes that can happen based on certain parameters like it is with dom Sera.

or ti was when I last looked at the Gdoc of it.

Ok. Shes an amazon with two massive horse dongs who shows several instances of a dom-esque personality in the lead up. Maybe not as strong as some other characters but definitely there.

Oh and the fact that the option is titled Humiliation

Characters having dongs dont really mean anything and her personality never screamed dom to me, especially compared to the other characters in the game who are actually doms. I agree that there should be a slight bit more of a heads up.

In this game, Id argue that it doesnt say anything. I agree with Moggy, caught me offguard. Not mad, just think there should be a little more warning.

On the first scene when she takes you to her home, I agree that there isnt enough warning for what youre getting yourself into. Its a reasonable point.

But a character not packing heat doesnt mean anything? Please name a single character in TiTs that has sex scenes written that doesnt use it in a single scene. Not sure Ive seen a single character where its just decoration.

Should read A character packing heat doesnt mean anything?

where does mirrin go after the scene in the barbeque pit? i cant find her in the gym or anywhere

Can we please get more interaction with the frost wyrm without a gameover? Id love to uhgive him what he/she asks and be adored.

sorry to ask cant find mirrin where she at

Gym on New texas. In the weight room. Dragon girl.

Why did the slutty upbringing get cut? Was there something wrong with the content? I was interested in seeing what it was about.

Assuming no one edited to version is was in, backers can still download 0.7.56. Im gonna go see if I can answer both our questions

You have us roleplay the father choosing his kids vagina size yet you object to the slutty upbringing?

Given the PC isnt even at age by the time you pick upbringings, it just implies that you were sleeping around underaged. Not a good implication in the slightest if you ask me.

Most people start having sex when theyre still underage.

And the US doesnt allow that, infact its fucking ILLEGAL.

Not to mention Loli/Underage is on the blacklist as a hard No and for good reason. We dont need Fenco getting into trouble.

You really need to educate yourself, having sex while youre underage (with someone whos also underage) is not illegal.

Writing a full-blown sex scene with an underage character would be a legal gray area in most states, but i assume thats not what that expansion contained anyway.

Mentioning it in a characters backstory, that they started being sexually active before they were eighteen, is also not illegal.

@grisa The background blatantly states the PC getting paid for sex. Show me where underage prostitution is legal in the US please.

@Aullama Where is adult prostitution legal in the US? Yet thats in the game.

I understand that its not only a grey area in the US legally (though not yet explicitly illegal, thank goodness; police state anyone?), but is also not in the interests of Fenco (not all of whom live in the US?), but the argument that the legality of an action makes it not OK to write about is a pretty poor argument.

The better argument is just that its a bit of fiction that no one in the TiTS universe has sex before 18 to avoid answering difficult questions about the game if someone tries to pursue legal action (for some nonsense reason) against the game and the devs.

Im also pretty sure that drug use and public sex and mind control is illegal, but you do these things in the game as well. The slippery slope is concerning representation of minors (which is a trigger issue right now), not the legality of the actions of a PC in a game. Games let you do a lot of terrible things that you cant do in real life.

I imagine when selected the toptions for a designer baby. The results are representative of what they will be when they are an adult. not a kid with an 8 inch wang.

Idk, is this part of the comment chain above this? Any way @aullama, unless he is a backer, there is no way he would have known that, so calm down, and second, you could have ended the argument by posting what you said in your last comment, why drag it on?

You do realize red pandas are a species of raccoons right.

I also forgot that pandas are are just giant raccoons

Thats a misconception based on a debunked theory. Pandas are still more closely related to bears than raccoons.

Not quite. Red pandas are their own species but they are more closely related to raccoons, weasels or skunks than giant pandas. Red pandas are part of the broad superfamily Musteloidea. They are not closely related to bears (Ursidae).

Going back in genetic history, they have a common ancestor with bears but also with weasels, sea lions, seals and walruses so this was a common ancestor to many bear-like species (more than 40 million years ago).

Red pandas are their /own/ species, it has been classified as a relative of the panda and it has been classified as a relative of the raccoon, yet currently it is classified as neither.

About the red panda Breeding and population Paragraph 2

Public humiliation in front of audience of hundreds of thousands at the claws of a horse dicked dragon girl?

Fen, how did you know just what I wanted for my birthday?

I dont remember this encounter

The new girl, Mirrin. Choose the humiliation option when you go back to her place.

Wee need more Mirrin can be a great character like Kiro & Kally

I was really enjoying Mirrins content, all the way up until we finally got it on. She dominates you and doesnt even get you off, humiliating you not only in person but to all of her followers as well. Youre the only person she even remotely seems to care for and you were trying to make her feel less lonely, not play into her power fantasies. She is acting exactly like the asshole bulls from the bar. Incredibly hypocritical, and disappointing.

This. Massive let down of a NPC and a waste of time for about 90% of us.

Cmon 90%? Are you serious? Personally I like her content a lot from what I read in development. Thats WAY going out on a limb saying the vast majority of readers would wind up hating her and thinking shes a waste of time.

@DSTORQUE: Shes very well written, moreso than a good amount amount of other characters in the game that are just pump n dumps. You should have known what you were getting into when you CHOSE to be humiliated before you picked the scene out. Dont just say that the character is an asshole for doing something YOU initiated. Thats just something shes into, and YOU played into it, not her. YOU. Thats just ass backwards and not a valid criticism. READ what youre getting yourself into.

I personally enjoyed her a lot. Definitely not a waste of time. Her first sex scene is one of my favorites in the game already.

No, yeah. 90 seems fairly accurate to me.

Agreed, everything was good up until the sex scenes, was enjoying the character, thought to myself that perhaps we got our selves a TiTs version of Urta to some extent, but alas, no.

Ya both are very wrong for assuming a number pulled out of your ass can be accurate and that with the behavior she has that she would be anything other than dominant.

also She makes it plenty clear that she is domming you.

The only people who are complaining about it being an overwhelming majority of us who didnt like that being the only option are, naturally, of the minority who love the idea, and are indignant that not nearly as many people share their viewpoint.

The scene literally has Humiliation in the name of it, you asked for that by clicking it. Dont be a whiny pissbaby and call a character a letdown for something YOU procced.

Just to clarify, I was referring to the original scene where you first are taken to her house and she jumps your bones. There is no humiliation warning. Even if this scene is acceptable on its own, theres no way to get revenge or make yourself even remotely equal in the relationship afterwards.

It would have been nice to have the option of being just friends with her, as even she said that she didnt think of you romantically until you pressured her. If you workout with her, though, you always have to romance her. The lack of player choice and equality is upsetting to find in a character that IS so well written and likeable up until that point.

I have to agree with you DSTORQue. What i myself really disliked was that whenever you chose to train with her, there was no other choices other than Next.

Usually, whenever a character spills the beans and says or you know they just told you they loved you, they would denie everything then walk out the door, but you always got a choice to either follow her or let her be. In this case, she does just that. Looks at you, then walks away. But, what does the game do? No choices, just says that you didnt follow her, like it chose on its own.

When the first sex scene happends and she gets off but you do not, the text actually says that you will get your revenge later, while that never happends.

Also, bummed there wasnt an ANAL choice in the sex menu.

Just to clarify, I was referring to the original scene where you first are taken to her house and she jumps your bones. There is no humiliation warning.

There is its called her personality and previous behavior

It would have been nice to have the option of being just friends with her, as even she said that she didnt think of you romantically until you pressured her. If you workout with her, though, you always have to romance her. The lack of player choice and equality is upsetting to find in a character that IS so well written and likeable up until that point.

That is not true you are asked by the game if you want to get intimate with her and you can not take the option of sexing her.

To even get the scene with her doming you without getting you off you have to be an ass, so cant say I didnt see that coming. The 2 other variations are very well written and pleasing. The point of her being a dom is that there is no equal relationship youll always be a sub to her.

Except for that unlike the asshole bull she can take no for an answer. I dont know if its there the first time, but afterwards if you click humiliation shes ask if youre ok with it and can back out and then she doesnt push it. Also Im about 90% sure that the text says that you orgasm in the humiliation scene and the first time scene, although the humiliation scene does not remove lust buildup which is probably either a bug or oversight.

Personally I think shes a pretty well written and interesting character overall and is pretty refreshing compared to the other female characters available since the other female doms, Sera and Priya were much more of assholes imho.

Maybe, but with Sera, you can get even. From what Im hearing, thats not possible with this new character. Same with Priya, and, to a lesser extent, Zephyr.

We need a NOPE! button. Just at the start of that first scene. when she says suck

and to anyone who says you should have expected this i say fuck no.

If i can get through frigging KIRO without being turned into a cock sleeve then why not mirrin?

and it starts so innocently! a quiet hand hold walk to her place? then sudden violent humiliating ass reaming.

maybe this NPC is just not for me. time to load an earlier save and forget she exists. i dont need an asshole like a tent, or an abusive partner.

Correction. INESCAPABLE sudden violent humiliating ass reaming.

had a simillar problem in COC ages ago with heckel.

So, did the Fisianna content ever make it in?

Loved Mirrins whole story. I loved the training scenes, all funny and sexy. Plus the actual sex scene, simply amazing. Was exactly the rough thing I was hoping she would do. I was so excited when I saw that she lifted up my girl and dommed her instead of just having another doggy-style scene.

Red Pandaneen should be available in Jades shop!

Fucking SoAndSos not-so-subtle comments

Good, she says softly, a hard emphasis on the D. Much like this game in general, huehuehuehuehuehuehue.

So, Frostwyrm. Let go and suffer consequences or outright kill it. Is there a chance to make a poll to see how many people in the game actually choose such options when they surface? How many killed all demons in CoC?

Ill kill it just for the challenge. Just another beast to brag about killing

Or brag about defeating it a dozen times and continue farming no point in bragging if actual choice surfaces after you beat it.

Not to mention that if it beats you later, it also isnt killing you. This time. Is there a counter for W/L ratio or its actually one time and you become food?

From all the talk Ive read about it there are two outcomes: kill and get armor or let live and get TF.

As to fighting and losing, you have to lose twice to get the bad end. You beat it once, you fight again, you lose once, you fight again.

Theres no armor as far as I know. It might have been scrapped or isnt implemented yet.

The TF and the armor are WIP, both part of a quest that Lessau will give.

Both rewards havent even been written or implemented yet.

Just a general question: Is there a way to change feather color for wings?

i dont think so, maybe the hair salon on tavros?

Yeah, its treated as fur colour and can be changed on tavros. Its a bit annoying if you have fur and feathered wings since they have to be the same colour. I dont think it works with dragon / demon wings though, but I use dove balm and it works for them.

thats because scale color can be different than fur or skin which demon and dragon wings use.

Not gonna lie. The Mirrin stuff was really awesome, sweet and sexual at the end. Exactly what I was looking for. Her story seems well thought out and I marveled at the details and lengths she want to get her mods exactly as she wanted. LOVE characters like this. Complements to the author!

just thought this would be helpful to say,but the FoE wiki is kinda screwy right now.

almost none of the info is accessible.

Been that way for some time, friend, so not likely to be fixed in any case.

So is Pippa in the game? Or is the expansion just coded?

she is in uveto. if you go outside of hanas bar and keep going down she will be second to the bottom on the left.

Jus found this, thought you guys might find it as amusing as I did.

How did it even turn the proper color if it had a wrong punctuation mark in it?

What the hell? thats not the right one.

Oops, I see I had an 8 where there should have been a 9

This is why the page needs either an edit or delete function.


Just a random link thats completely unrelated? I dont get it.

You know what? I have been waiting for the next public build, however just checking the comments has been entertaining.

I was going through the code on github and noticed that in the muffstick code one of the comments mentions adding the tongue flag. However, the lines after it add the slightly pumped flag instead. seeing as the tongue flag does show up later in the code, I assume this is a mistake. Just thought Id try to bring this to your attention!

Anyone who will be able to do something about it wont see your post here, making a post in the bug reports forum will do the trick.

so a question I have about mirrin is how to get the scene where she penetrates a female steeles pussy with a soft and gradual chokehold. ive gotten it for my treated bimbo but for other treated characters I cant get it to come up. is it random or is there a specific thing that you need to do?

Im guessing youre referring to the first sex scene you get when you go to her house for the first time?

There are 3 possible scenes that can show up at that specific moment, of which the one you want is version 2. To get it: you need to either be a Herm or Female, kind personality wise, and have a tone over 75 as well as a physique over 25. If you meet all these requirements youll get version 2, otherwise youll default to version 1 which anyone can get. Version 3 requires being a big dick wielding, fit as hell, jerk.

I know this is a stupid question, but is there anything actually strong enough to override the too transformations, I found badgers tf does, but is there any other?

If by the too transformations you meant the galomax TF then no, I think the only TF that can override that is Dr. Badgers.

I meant too, I didnt see the typo. Thanks for pointing it out friend.

Just a call, with Mirrin with the machine, there is a small bug and something not really supposed to be there:

You okay, !Unknown multi-word tag !, asks the velvety voiced she-dragon.

Uhm maybe, you say with a quiver, placing a hand on her arm.

Good, she says softly, a hard emphasis on the D. Much like this game in general, huehuehuehuehuehuehue.

Hmm, I wonder if that was me. I do know that the last sentence is only supposed to show in silly mode.

Like some already said Mirrin is a very well written and interesting character but I have a few pet peeves with her. I have no problem with sub-dom relationships, its not my cup of tea but to each his own. It was still a great read.

But yeah that first sex scene is kinda weird, you cant say Nope! or anything you cant be treated as an equal it literally goes from; Hey Mirrin you okay? Wanna blow off some steam with me? to Time to get fucked and fuck your insolent face and undeserving dick(s)! haHAA

I do think most people want equal relationships or at least know what they get into before doing it. Sera literally tells Steele that she doesnt play nice and he/she is in for an ass-reaming before you can agree to get kinky with her.

With Mirrin its just a series of Next and Steele being kinda out of character? That the player doesnt have any choice in how his realtionship with Mirrin will be especially with content that most people probably wont enjoy as much. Is kinda weird since every other character that demands from Steele to be a sub either makes it crystal clear or warns you before you agree to anything.

Aside from that I liked her and hope her creator will write more for TiTS or anything in general.

I love this game ,but i have a few questions ,

1.When do we get the next level ups ? its been stuck at level 8 forever ,

2. the latest backer patch seems to be missing some scenes like i have not been able to get to Seras disco party ,and i seem to remember more brothel scenes were added but i cant get them to show now., (though i will say this time i tried it with a mercenary upbringing , not sure if that affected it )

Im laughing my ass off reading all the comments

Nothing like an angry autist complaining about disliking one of the fetishes in a porn game, eh?

What is it with the fear of loli in this game? its 100% legal in America. even if some think otherwise and try and fail to bring it to court (shadbase for instance)