Gwenny Penny Homemade Sewing Labels

Ive been promising this little how-to for a while. I like to add a little homemade sewing label to certain projects, especially mypillows. Ive had several people ask me toexplain how I make them, and Im glad to share my technique.

Youve seen my labels before on myAcorn Patch PillowVintage Postcard Pillow, andScrap Buster Fall Pillow…

Im going to show you two different methods, and both are superquick and easy to make.

You need a piece of scrap fabric 2 x 4 and ink jet iron-on transfer paper. Thats it! Start by creating your logo or name in a word processing program (I use Microsoft Word). Make sure the wording is no longer than 1.75 and no taller than about 3/8. Copy the name over and over again ina column, or several columns depending on how many you want to make. Load your iron-on transfer paper into your printer. When you go to print, you need to go to advanced printer options and check the mirror image box. You need to print your names backwards on your transfer paper.

Cut out one of your names from your transfer paper. Leave about 1/8 of blank space on all sides.

Now youre ready to start working with your fabric.Take your 2 x 4 piece of fabric and fold the short sides into the center (You can, of course, use different sizes of fabric depending on the size of what you are putting on your label)…

Fold the fabric in half, bringing the raw edges together…

Place you name face down on one side of yourfabricalong the folded edge. Think about which way you want your name to face before you do this. Its a personal preference…

Iron your transfer paper in place following the manufacturers instructions for your particular paper…

When the paper and fabric havecompletelycooled, peel off the paper backing…

Nowyou just sew your label into your pillow, garment, etc. Make sure you really think through placement before you sew your label into your project. For example, for my pillows I have to place the label inside the pillow when it is inside out in order to sew it into the seam. Sothink twice, sew once!

OK, this method does not use a computer. You need a piece of scrap fabric 2 x 2 and a permanent fabric marking pen. Follow the directions in Method 1 for folding and pressing your fabric until you have something that looks like this…

Now get out your permanent fabric marking pen and write your name, draw a picture, whatever floats your boat…

And sometimes I add a little note on the back with care instructions…

Sothese are the two methods that I use to makemy labels.There are certainlyother ways to do it. There are several tutorials out there that use different methods or variations. Here are a few that I like…

Use printable fabric to create labels withAllyson HillUse fabric pens to make labels withkojodesignsMake twill tape tags withPatchwork PotteryUse a custom rubber stamp to make labels withHandmade Therapy

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you found a sewing label to suit your needs. Its a nice touch to add a little tagto your project, especially if it is a gift.

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Thanks so much for the tutorial! They are such a fun addition to your pillows!

That is a terrific way make tags, Gwen. I will be on the lookout for that iron on printable paper so I can try it out. I love all the comments you left me earlier!!

I love these tutorials. I love the handwritten one loads. It just looks so individual and unique.

Thanks for the tutorial. Have you noticed that your iron on transfers peel? Ive tried a similar technique, and have had my labels peel. Im not sure if Im not heat setting them properly, or if my labels might be a bit old. I was just wondering if I was the only one with the problem.

Oh my gosh, Gwen, these are fantastic! Thanks for this tutorial!

These are SO cute. And they make everything look so professionally done. I wish I had cute handwriting like you 🙂

If I sew anything fabulous enough to put my name on it, its nice to have the know how. I already have everything I need:)

Ive been meaning to do this. Now that I have your tutorial, Ill get right to it! 😉

oooh, I never actually considered sewing my own,

its certainly cuter than buying them!

Awesome tutorial! I dont have an inkjet printer, so Im lovin your permanent marker and folded fabric trick.

I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:

Ive been using fabric labels for a while now, but its been more of a hassle than anything. The first method you showed is going to be my new method – thank you so much for this!

So wonderful! Thank you Ive wanted to make my own for a while now, such a helpful tutorial! And many thanks to Craft Gossip for sending me your way, Im a new follower 🙂

I never thought to make my own labels! I cant wait to try it. I mentioned your post on myblog.

So I guessed I nagged you enough about how to make these! Thanks for the tutorial!

Yahoo! Ive been looking for something like this. Thank you so much!! Im going to try this out this weekend!

thanks for the instructions – very clear.

Also, just an interesting tidbit – we named our fourth daughter Gwendolyn Grace. Sometimes we call her GG, sometimes we call her Gwenny Penny!

Those are really nice! Thanks for the how-to, Ill be linking.

I have been wanting to make tags forever. I am totally going to do this. New to your blog, going to look around. Stop by my blog sometime…LOVE new bloggy friends 🙂

What an easy way to make a tag…. why didnt I think of that!! I was led over here by a post by Karen. Thanks for the tutorial

I love it love it. Thanks so much for the clear directions. Im linking it on my blog.

Love this idea! My daugther, BadAmy the yarn harlot and indie dyer has store bought tags, but I just need some thing simpler–like this! Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for this wonderful post! I have labeled ZERO of my projects and want to come up with something cute. Your post gives me lots of great ideas!

Oh I love your printing idea! So easy! Thanks so much for linking up my tag tutorial 🙂

Thank you for this tutorial! So lovely and so easy to make. I linked to your tutorial on my blog, hope you dont mind!

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