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Hole in the wall places in the Queen City of the South

Theres No Place Like Domings Ngohiong

It has been five months since I last posted something on this blog, and a lot has happened since then. While I may have taken a long respite from writing, I was still able to visit some hole-in-the-wall places here in Cebu. One of those places is a small eatery in the downtown area offering one of the more familiar comfort food of Cebuanos, Domings Ngohiong.

I actually discovered the place by accident. One afternoon, I wanted to get out of the house and clear my head of things that were bothering me at that time. So, I got on the first jeepney that passed by my place. Apparently, it was a jeepney headed for downtown Cebu, which I only realized when it reached the Capitol area. Anyway, since it was going to the downtown area, I decided to go to the row of fruit stands close to Gaisano Metro Colon. After reaching the place, none of the fruits I wanted to buy were available. So, I started walking towards Carbon Market passing through Osmeña Boulevard. As I was walking along V. Gullas Street, something caught my nose as I passed by a small eatery. Ngohiong! I took a step back and checked the sign of the eatery. Lo and behold, the sign said Domings Ngohiong. So, I immediately walked in and ordered their ngohiong.

The place is similar to many eateries in the downtown area, but a way bit cleaner. It was simple with their monobloc tables and chairs. People go to this place not for the ambiance but for the ngohiong. I was pleasantly surprised that they were more systematic in the way they handled the orders. In addition, you do not have to wait for long to get your order. A few minutes after I sat down (after taking some pictures, of course), my order was ready. I also noted that they accept bulk orders for their ngohiong since there were some employees packing some of the ngohiong inside a plastic bag. These were apparently going to be picked up by a customer.

People go to Domings for thei ngohiong

While I have not been to the original location of Domings Ngohiong for a very long while, their ngohong still tasted scrumptiously delicious. It was still the same crunchy ngohiong I first tasted way back in college. Paired with puso or hanging rice, it was a meal that can easily fill your stomach at a very reasonable price. Aside from the ngohiong, they also offer Manok Bisaya (native chicken), Liog (chicken neck), and Atay-Batikon (chicken liver and gizzard), among others.

Still the same ngohiong I came to love since college

The ngohiong of Domings Ngohiong is quite cheap at PHP7 each while their puso is priced at PHP3 each. So a PHP30 budget can get you three pieces of ngohiong and three pieces of puso, which is enough to get you by for a few hours. The Manok Bisaya is priced at PHP45 while the Atay-Batikon costs PHP15 each. Their Liog is also priced at PHP15 each. For the drinks, the Pepsi, 7-Up, and Mirinda cost PHP12 each while the Mountain Dew and Bottled Water are priced at PHP15 each. Even as the place is incredibly affordable, their products are exceptionally appetizing.

Incredibly Cheap Yet Delicious Food

The downtown branch of Domings Ngohiong is located at the ground floor of the M. Gotianoy Building, which is along V. Gullas Street. It is several meters away from Osmeña Boulevard.

You can get to the downtown location of Domings Ngohiong by getting on a jeepney headed for Colon. If the jeepney passes through Osmeña Boulevard on the way to the Basilica del Santo Nino de Cebu, you can get off at the corner of V. Gullas Street. This is the second street to the right after passing Gaisano Metro Colon. If the jeepney will not pass through this way, you can get off close to Gaisano Metro Colon and simply walk to the place. Just make sure you get off at a jeepney stop unless you want to play tag with some traffic enforcers in the area.

The Ngohiong is best paired with Puso

Cebu may be known for being the home of the best pig in the world according to Anthony Bourdain, but the Queen City of the South has a lot more to offer than the Cebu lechon. One of these delectable dishes that Cebuanos have grown to love through the years is the ngohiong. And when you talk about ngohiong to a Cebuano, the first place that normally pops into his or her head is Domings Ngohiong.

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

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Theres No Place Like Domings Ngohiong

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