Homemade Pullmax Lower Doming Die

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AdvertisementAdvertisementTOOL:Pullmax Lower Doming DieBUILDER:Boogiemanz1on DESCRIPTION:A homemade sheet metal forming die for a Pullmax machine. The tool is made from lathe-turned steel.RATING:(0)Post a commentloginregisterUsername:

ORRegisterMar 04, 2014 9:01 PMdavewardTo dome or not to dome, I suppose thats the question.Read all commentsRate this build:CATEGORIES:Power HammersTAGS:sheetmetalplanishing hammerdieURL:

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DIY Pullmax Lower Doming Die – comment on how to build a Pullmax Lower Doming Die – 1 comments

To dome or not to dome, I suppose thats the question.

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