How can I make my own NFC tags? NFC

That is, how do I make them in the literal sense. I dont need to know where to order them. Im wondering how I can construct my own. Thoughts?

If you can find just the materials,tag itself,microchips with little aerials then assemble them and you would probably have to buy the materials in bulk if you do find them.

Give it some time to grow,eventually we will be able to make our own.

Depends a lot on what you want to do with what you make, and how complex you want to be with it. You can start from scratch and build the RF stage up from scratch or you can buy the chips themselves, buy or build antennas and go from there.

If you are trying to make something as small as a sticker tag, you probably will just have to use a sticker tag.

If you describe a little more about what you actually want to do I might be able to give some pointers.

Im interested… but I want everything to be sourced from the US- any pointers?

Its a shame you cant just use any random RFID tag as one.

Itd just store the ID of the tag for future reference then do whatever when it detects the presence of that tag again.

If I scan my passport or a ski-pass (both of which contain RFID tags), my phone detects them but gives an error tone.

Some composite to hold them in (plastic/glue/rubber) all ideal.

I dont think a human can easily attach the microchip to the antenna and then place the item in the composite.

Smelt copper into very thin wire (antenna)

Create Microchip (not possible w/ out large machinery investment)

Attach microchip to antenna (very difficult with small wire)

Put microchip and antenna in a material (to keep them safe from damage)