How to Make a Quilt Label Tag

Have you ever wanted to create a quilt label?  This tutorial describes a technique to create a DIY tag label for your quilt.  I recently participated in a mug rug swap online on a Facebook quilt group.  It was a lot of fun!Mug rugs are bigger than a coaster but smaller than a placemat.  I made mine in a square shape, measuring in at approximately 11 square finished.Most of the prints that I used are modern with a vintage vibe, butdark brown print came from an elderly womans yard sale for some authentic vintage

Ive been holding off on sharing this mug rug on Craftcore until my swap partner received it.  Now that its in her hands, I can share the end result:

This mini quilt is the first official project that I completed on my Singer 66 vintage sewing machine.  It sews like a dream!

I stitched simple echo quilting in the negative space of the diamonds on the four sides.

I usually dont put labels on my quilt, but I decided since it was a gift for a specific event that Id create a label to attach to my mini quilt to indicate it was made in Summer 2015.  Inspired by my nieces taggie blanket, I decided to create a tag-style label instead of one attached to the backing, letting it peek out directly from under the binding.  See how it looks?

I created this elegant tag by using two different fabric prints and a permanent pen.  You can follow the directions below to create a similar tag.  Be sure to make your quilt label tagprior to bindingyour quilt so that you can attach it easily and hide the raw edge!

Cut out a square at 2.75 x 2.75 for the main fabric, plus two skinny rectangles at 1 x 2.75 for the two borders.  You can make adjustments to these dimensions to create a tag size that suits you.

Using a permanent pen, write your label in the

of the square block, making sure to leave approximately half an inch of room at the top for seam allowance.

With the fabrics facing right sides together, sew the two borders to each side of the block.

Fold the label in half, right sides together, then sew the two sides.

Turn right side out then press flat.

The label itself is now done.  Hooray!  To attach the label to your quilt, you would sew your binding to the front side of the quilt as pictured below.  When you flip your quilt over to start bringing the binding from the front of the quilt towards the back, simply slip your quilt label face up into the position you would like it, raw edge of the label aligned with the outer edge of your quilt.  Bring the quilt binding from the front of the quilt to the back, then pin in place over the edge your label.  Continue pinning and sewing your binding as usual around the edge of the entire quilt, taking care for the label to stay in position until fully sewn and secure.

After attaching the tag label and the binding (machine-sewn binding), the mug rug is complete!

You may notice that this is the same block that is featured onthis purple baby girl quilt.  This mug rug was my test for creating the 8 pointed diamond star blocks out of HST units.  Im still working on the full step-by-step printable pattern to share, but in the mean time, you can see this super basic assembly sneak peek.  Im really excited to share the pattern with you soon!

This image illustrates how to assemble an 8 point diamond block made out of half square triangles.

I love this idea of using fabric markers to sign your work

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