ICE Resin® R

ICE Resin® is a Jewelers Grade, naturally doming, self-leveling & healing, crystal clear resin. Ice Resin® is a 2-part epoxy resin: Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint. Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint. Part A and Part B must be poured with a one-to-one ratio and mixed gently but thoroughly for ICE Resin to dry and cure properly. You may wear your jewelry as soon as ICE Resin® is dry to the touch.

a 32 oz. refill and a 64 oz. refills

A 2-part epoxy resin for permanent and unique jewelry making

Use with ICE Resin® Iced Enamels® and Iced Enamels® Medium

(4 oz. Resin, 4 oz. Hardener, Mixing cups & sticks)

Dylusions Textured Tag by Kristi Nazzaro

A Summer Night Dylusions Tag by Josefine Fourage

Dylusions Dyalog Seascape by Milagros Rivera

Stars and Stripes Journal Page by Cheiron Brandon

Alcohol Ink Flower Painting on Foil by Sharen AK Harris

Perfect Pearls Christmas Card by Kelli Cool

Alcohol Ink Lighthouse by Sharen Harris

Always and Forever by Milagros Rivera