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The only European equiped doming set-up in China

A domed decals enables you to easily personalize & decorate anything, with any design and protect it forever.

Using high definition full color (CMYK) printing any design can be made at his best.

The polyurethane dome will magnify your logo and protect your brand for many years.

Dome tag has a great deal of advantages which make it very unique and the best way to label any product, packaging, appliance or furniture should it be indoor or outdoor.

Its unit cost is competitive to all other logo process, setup charge are very cheap, minimum order quantity (MOQ) very low and delivery can be very fast.

The only challenge with doming factory, is that good quality cannot be improvised or made in the cheap, cutting corners and handled lightly.

Doming requires investment, logistic & serious dedication, average is just not working, and there is no such things as okay doming stickers.

It requires a dedicated & professional setup with a multitude of expensive industrial equipment.

With this state of the art doming setup you need to use first quality grade raw material that we can only find in Europe and North America. Those material have a short shelve life and must be stored in a dry and temperate environment controlled warehouse.

The domed labels production line, as well as the whole doming facility (curing, assembly, packing, storageetc.) needs to be handled under strict humidity level and temperature, in a top notch controlled environment.

Domed badge production is very energy hungry, uses raw material with short shelve life and needs to be kept at optimum condition at all time.

A regular and stable production flow is strategic if you dont want to waste all your other effort or operate at a loss to keep a stable quality level.

Resin doming production requires dedication and discipline to follow complex SOPs and protocols.

Any miss will just ruin all your effort and render your whole investment completely useless.

Dust, temperature & Humidity control set up

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