Crackdown on Annulments May 2, 2012

The Church in the Age of Social Media April 30, 2012

Catholics Come Home good step forward or bust? April 24, 2012

Contraception Controversy! April 12, 2012

Catholic Church may take harder line on annulments The Catholic Church is starting to reevaluate the strictness of the annulment process. With the high divorce rate in the United States the number of Catholics requesting annulments has increased as well. What concerns the Catholic Church especially in the United States is that the two thirds of

Embrace Twitter and Facebook, Catholic Told At the Australian Catholic Media Congress the topic of the role of social media in the Catholic Church was a main talking point at the meeting. Bishop David Walker who was a speaker at the event went on to discuss the importance of using social media in the

In most countries around the world in the U.S. in particular there are many people looking for jobs during this time of deep economic turmoil. In the U.S. and Europe alone unemployment rates are still high despite many efforts by government bodies to curve and reverse this economic trend. In modern society there is one

The Catholics Come Home Campaign is a non-profit organization that ran its first TV ad campaign in 1998. The focus of this organization is to educate and evangelize using modern media and broadcast them across the United States and the World. The hope is to use modern media to bring inactive Catholics back to the Catholic Church to

After contraception controversy, Catholic Church announces religious freedom campaign-CNN CNN (The American Catholic Bishops) The Affordable Care Act continues to be the hot topic being discussed among Catholic bishops as it continues to be an issue that effects the daily business of religiously affiliated institutions. Catholic bishops continue to fight against

Catholic Church mixes it up with politics-The Seattle Times Catholic churches around the Seattle area are taking a more active role than they normally do in the political sphere. They are bringing the issue of gay marriage not only to the pulpit but also to the pews of their parishioners. The Catholic Church has always

This article when I first read it reminded me of some of the conversations that my Dad and I had when I was growing up. When I was a kid  I can remember my Dad always talking to me about the history of the Cold War.  He would always tell me the three important figures

The purpose of this blog will be to make commentary on contemporary Catholic religious topics. I will post an article of something that is a hot topic in the Catholic Community and make personal commentary on the article.

The Church in the Age of Social Media

Catholics Come Home good step forward or bust?

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