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TO ALL PINOY FIESTA SPECTATORS: THE CULTURAL PARADE this year will take place at the Memorial South Park.

You will be amazed to witness the awesome presentation of our culture by various groups wearing unique and colourful costumes and beautiful floats. You will be entertained by groups representing the world renowned Philippine festivals: Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, Sinulog, MassKara, Moriones, Panagbenga, Igorot culture, Flores De Mayo etc..

by: JOJO QUIMPO, Founding Chairman and Organizer of Pinoy Fiesta Vancouver

It has not rained on the Pinoy Fiesta: Unang Hirit sa Tag-init in 3 years. One can say that its a charmed event. However last Sunday morning (August 11, 2013) the weather was jarring to have the heavens open upon and rain on the parade. And it did. I can clearly remember watching the rain, thunder and lightning an hour before the parade. I felt so low and defeated and thinking that the rain and thunderstorm would never clear in time. As it poured rain outside, I thought no one would go to join and watch the parade if its still raining. I must admit that during this time, I questioned God – Why? Why did he abandon us and our community? However, even when my spirits down, I never lost faith in God and trusted Him that he will create a miracle. Together with my mom, we prayed deeply for the rain to stop.

Half an hour before the parade starts, I drove to the starting line. I was amazed to see our kababayans braving the rain in high spirit. Theyre having fun getting ready for the parade. It was a fiesta atmosphere. I saw groups and individuals in the corner praying intensely for the rain to stop. As I walked around and thanking everyone for coming out despite of the bad weather, they hugged and/or tapped me in my shoulder just to assure me that everything will be alright

Around 11:00am, when the parade was about to start, the rain stopped. The bad weather and thunderstorm seemed to miraculously stop. I watched in amazement as the sun peek through in time as the floats and parade participants danced and marched in brilliant sunshine down Fraser Street and 41st Avenue. As our float started moving. I looked up at the clear sky and thanked God for the miracle. Indeed God works in mysterious ways. He has his own way of working things out. Pinoy Fiesta 2013 was truly a blessed event.

2013 Pinoy Fiesta celebration was a very difficult one. We experienced our own rain, thunder and lightning. We faced a lot of obstacles along the way. From booking our guest artists, organizing parade participants, getting event sponsorship, city permits etc.

But inspite of the challenges, Im quite relieved and so proud of the outcome. PINOY FIESTA was a HUGE SUCCESS! After the rain, thunder and lightning weve experienced – the sun came out shining brightly. Pinoy Fiesta is still the biggest and the most anticipated Filipino cultural event.

We are truly blessed to have such amazing people in this years celebration of Pinoy Fiesta:

– Our families, relatives and friends

– Cultural groups, community organizations, parade participants

– Event sponsors, vendors, stallholders

– Performers: artists, bands, singers and dancers

– Elected government officials (City, Provincial and Federal)

– City of Vancouver Special Event Committee: VPD, Parks Board, Translink, Coastal Health, Traffic Team

Thank you for your support, services and sacrifices. Thank you for always being there through good times and bad. Kahit anong paninira ang ginagawa ng iba, andyan parin kayo para ipakita ang inyong suporta. You proudly showcased and shared our beautiful and colourful culture to our Canadian brothers and sisters in the streets of Vancouver.

To all our kababayans, thank you for taking time out of your day last Sunday (August 11) to come and witness Pinoy Fiesta. Thank you to all your prayers and good wishes. Maraming salamat po sa inyong walang sawang suporta. Talagang all out ang support. Andami nyong dumating. So proud to be Pinoy!

Lastly, thank you God for giving us the strength to persevere and to keep on going when sometimes all we want to do is give up. Thank you for blessing us with another fun and successful Pinoy Fiesta 2013. These are good memories that we will cherish for a long time. MGA KABABAYAN, see you all next year to the 5th year anniversary of Pinoy Fiesta: Unang Hirit sa Tag-init on August 10, 2014. Mark your calendar. KITA KITS! GOD BLESS! MARAMING SALAMAT PO! BE PROUD TO BE PINOY!


CONGRATULATIONS JOJO QUIMPO,Founding Chairman of Pinoy Fiesta.

– Recipient of The Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee Award and

– Official delegate to Prime Minister Stephen Harpers 2012 State Visit to India, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Pinoy Fiesta draws record breaking crowd

by Roque Bodeng Juatco (Philippine Asian Chronicle Editor/Publisher)

The hardworking Hirit Team was definitely overwhelmed by the huge turnout at Memorial South Park in Vancouver last Sunday, Aug 12. For months, the group worked overtime in conceptualizing, planning and rehearsing one of the greatest outside show for their beloved community.

And the result spoke for itself. On the appointed date, a historic moment for the FilCan community unfolded as thousands upon thousands trooped down to Memorial South Park to join and enjoy a dynamic whole day affair performed for most of the part by local entertainers who showed their best, all for the love of service to the community.

Pinoy Fiesta Unang Hirit sa Tag Init gained slow momentum after 3 years of hard work. The Mayor of Vancouver was so impressed by its show of dedication and superb presentation of Filipipno culture that he declared the day of the celebration as Filipino Day in Vancouver.

The theme of Pinoy Fiesta is constant: show the world the best there is in our culture: BE PROUD TO BE PINOY.Every year, participants of Pinoy Fiesta cant help but feel (and keep) a deep seated patriotism. The boldness of the organizers to show the color, music, grace and magnificense of the Pinoy culture in the streets of Vancouver via the the first ever Filipino parade 3 years ago amazed the locals to no end.

Yes, we all know how beautiful the Pinoy culture is, but has anyone thought of proudly showing it? Just like the huge Indo-Canadian celebration in every city or the Korean and Chinese participation in mainstream parades.

Finally, the tiger has awaken. The constant theme of Be Proud to be Pinoy became the slogan of every Pinoy who have seen the respect that the Unang Hirit team gained from the government (although its non political) and other ethnic groups. Indeed, the pride that swells in each and every ones heart cannot be contained anymore.

Jojo Quimpo and the whole Hirit team have shown tons of gratitude to the community. This is the reason for the success that this group is enjoying right now. They are not centered on themselves they have their community in their hearts and minds in everything they do. The Hirit team is a group to reckon with. Outside forces have tried to break them. Personal problems of some members were pried into the open trying to hurt and cause trouble within. But the core group stuck it out hence, the sweet victory for them and the community.

Mainstream media reported that the parade which attracted 81 participating organizations and busenesses drew 25,0000+ crowd. It was the biggest gathering of Pinoy and friends in the history of Vancouver.

The program was incredibly well organized. The choice of local singers and guests were obviously well thought of. Everybody shined, no upstaging, all performers were given equal time on stage. And whoever will say again that we have no discipline when it comes to grabbing the center stage kahit sino daw ang matapakan para sumikat lang, can think again.

The most disciplined Pinoys were there on August 12, Sunday at the Memorial South Park. From the organizers, performers, security, clean up crew to the army of volunteers and supporters. Is this a new breed of Pinoys? I dont think so, they have been there, on the sidelines observing the old generation. They have learned from our mistakes and devised a plan on coming together in the best possible way.

Congratulations Hirit team – the old timers were huddled in one corner of the park totally amazed and proud of all of you. Looking forward to another great show next eyar. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US ALL PROUD TO BE PINOY!

MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG SUPPORTA. IT WAS AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS. SOBRANG DAMI NG TAO. Someone commented I havent seen so many Filipinos in my entire 37 years in Vancouver in one event like it – only today.


OUR BIG THANK YOU TO THE HIRIT TEAM: Jojo Quimpo, Janice Lozano, Ryan Ferrer, Roque Juatco, Marcy & Romeo Torres, Paul Lumandas, Paolo Capili, Liza Lopez, Lu Lauron, Jayson De La Cruz, Aviva Santos, Dante Aviso, CJ Lacaba, Larry & Therese Baguisa, Alma Albanese, Angelo Siglos, Stella Reyes, Ruth Gomez, Josie De La Torre, Lucille, Rich, James, Andrew etc.

TO OUR EVENT PRESENTERS: TFC, Shaw, Times Telecom, Pinoy Buzz, UMAC and Philippine Asian Chronicle.

TO OUR STALLHOLDERS AND MAJOR SPONSORS: RBC, Goldilocks, Evelyn Lopez, Dr. Macasiray Dental Office, BMO, Suki, Kumare, National Bank and Fil-Can Clothing.

TO OUR PERFORMERS: what a showcase of local talents. The spectators stayed all day long because theres no boring moments. All the guest artists did a fantastic job. Kudos!

TO OUR MEDIA PARTNERS AND PARADE PARTICIPANTS AND COMMUNITY GROUPS/LEADERS: you are the reason why Pinoy Fiesta 2012 was a big success. What an awesome cultural presentation. You made our community proud.

AND MOST ESPECIALLY TO OUR HIRIT VOLUNTEERS we couldnt thank you enough to all your hard work and fun spirit of volunteerism.



Get ready to witness the beautiful and colourful Filipino culture. Pinoy Fiesta will showcase the world-renowned Philippine festivals such as Ati-atihan, Dinagyang, Sinulog, Moriones, Masskara, Penagbenga, Igorot etc.

Featuring ABS CBN popular Kapamilya artist, PIOLO PASCUAL, as our special guest and the TFCkat Talent Search Western Canada Final. Thanks ABS CBN/TFC Canada for partnering with us 3 years in a row.This is open to the public for free.


Witness the biggest gathering of Filipinos showcasing the world famous Philippine festivals and the beautiful Pinoy culture such as the Ati-atihan Festival of Aklan, Sinulog of Cebu, Dinagyang of Iloilo, Masskara of Bacolod, Penagbenga and Igorot culture of Baguio, Moriones of Marinduqueetc.

This years celebration will be at the Memorial South Park, 41st Avenue and Windsor Street, Vancouver BC, 10:00am – 8:00pm.

The Cultural street parade will startfrom Fraser Streetand 26th Avenue heading south to 41st Avenue and Windsor Street at 11:00am.


ABS CBN Kapamilya star PIOLO PASCUAL willjoin the Pinoy Fiesta celebration as special guest.


Our BIG THANK YOU to Hirit Team, Pinoy Fiesta Organizing Committee, our event sponsors ABS-CBN/ TFC Canada, Times Telecom, Pinoy Buzz Entertainment, UMAC, Philippine Airlines, Philippine Asian Chronicle, Little Ongpin. To our volunteers, media sponsors, exhibitors, performers and especially to allorganizations who took part to showcase our beautiful culture. THANK YOU!

(Please see our full public Thank You letter at our Blogs and News Tab)

Kapamilya stars Jed Madela and Nikki Valdez, Derek Ramsay,Joey Albert and MissCanada Rizza Santos joinedthe 2011 Pinoy Fiesta celebration

Mayor Gregor Robertson rocks the drums with Jojo Quimpo and the dynaMIX band.



The southern region of the Philippines was struck by the world deadliest typhoon of 2011, Sendong. Hard hit are the southern coastal cities of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan. As of today the rising death tolls already reached 1,000 and there are people still missing. President Noynoy Aquino declared these areas under state of calamity. In the aftermath of this calamity, were shocked by the magnitude of the devastation and casualties. We immediately expressed our concerns and worries towards our kababayans affected by the calamity.

The Pinoy Fiesta Management and Hirit Production are responsible in organizing Filipino events that showcase and promote our Filipino culture and heritage in Canada. For the past two years we organized the biggest and the most successful Filipino events in British Columbia.

Pinoy Fiesta: Unang Hirit sa Tag-init.(Filipino Cultural Street Parade and Festival) which was officially recognized by the City through Mayor Robertsons Proclamation of Filipino Fiesta Day in the City of Vancouver.

Hirit sa Pasko: Parol Making Workshop and Parada ng Parolat the Santa ClausParade which waswitnessed by more than 300,000 spectators.

The success of these events were attributed to the trust and confidence bestowed upon us by various Filipino community leaders and organizations.

When the news broke out about the devastation caused by typhoon Sendong, a number of Pinoys and community leaders asked us to do something to help our kababayans and initiate a fund raising event. It is an honor and a privilege to heed our communitys call for action. And we will do everything to help and make a difference in the lives of the victims of the calamity.

We are asking for your kind support in making sure that we provide immediate relief to the victims by donating any of the following items: clothes, blankets and other basic necessities to be sent back to the Philippines. Monetary and in kind donations can be dropped off on Thursday, December 22, at St. Marys Church/School Gym, 5251 Joyce Street, Vancouver (close to Joyce Skytrain Station) from 5:00-8:00pm.

You can also drop off your monetary donation to any Times Telecom stores. Please be informed that you can alsomake your check payable to Asian Heroes Canada Foundation. The cash donation collected will be matched by our corporate partner,Times Telecom, which will be used to purchase medicines and ready to eat food to be distributed to affected families. We will turn over and send the funds to Times Telecom Manila office who will coordinate directly with our partners in the Philippines, the Mindanao State University and Iligan Institute of Technology who are now handling 900 families at the MSU-IIT Evacuation Center. They will directly facilitate our disaster relief efforts.

The first wave of monetary donations will be sent in the Philippines on Friday, December 23, 2011.The relief goods will soon follow and will be delivered directly by UMAC Cargo.

Wewill conduct this fund raising efforts with transparency.

This Christmas, let us share our blessings to our brothers and sisters hit by typhoon Sendong. They wont be spending their Christmas the way we would but in our own little way we can help out to uplift their spirit. Let us show them that WE CARE. Let us relive the spirit of bayanihan. Maligayang Pasko! Thank you so much for your support.

November 25 at Red Robinson Theater- Parol Making, Christmas Bazaarand Live concert featuring The AMMO Band (original band of Arnel Pineda) with Jojo Quimpo, Janice Lozano and other popular local bands and artists.

December 4 at Downtown Vancouver- Parada ng Parol at the Annual Santa Claus Parade with 300,000 expected spectators.

For inquiries:please emailpinoyor call , ,

ATTENTION:HIRIT APPRECIATION PICNIC DAYAT SPANISH BANK ON AGUST 27, 12:00-6:00pm.MGA KABABAYAN: August 27 (Saturday) is Pinoy Fiesta: Huling Hirit sa Tag-init Appreciation Day at SPANISH BANK, 12:00-6:00pm. This is a FREE/POT LUCK COMMUNITY SUMMER EVENT. The Hirit Team will provide bbq and drinks. Pinoy organizations and individuals can set up their own tents and can bring some food to share. Kainan, inoman, sayawan, kantahan, palaro and awarding of best Pinoy Fiesta photo. This gonna be FUN. Kita kits.SPREAD THE WORD.

Kapamilya stars Jed Madela and Nikki ValdezwilljoinDerek Ramsay tomorrow at the Pinoy Fiesta celeration.Catch a glimpse of your favoriteKapamilya stars as theyjoin the cultural street parade, 10:00am from Pacific Blvd to Olympic Village. Kita kits tomorrow!!!

ABS CBN/KAPAMILYA STARS WILL JOIN THE PINOY FIESTA 2011 CELEBRATION:The organizers of Pinoy Fiesta revealed last night from their GUESS WHO CELEBRITY CHALLENGE that Kapamilyahunk, DEREK RAMSAY willjoin the Pinoy Fiesta parade and festival on August 6th. The ABS CBN/ TFC Canada management also confirmed that two more Kapamilya stars will be joining Derek Ramsay. Watch out for the big revelation of the other stars soon.

GRACE, BEAUTY AND BRAIN:The newly crowned Miss World Canada, RIZA SANTOS, will take partinthe Pinoy Fiestacelebration as a special guest host. Miss Santos isa proud Filpino-Canadian and shes looking forward to share her achievement to her kababayansin Vancouver on August 6th.

FLASH MOB PINOY STYLE:The Filipino-Canadian community will make history on August 6th as thousands of Pinoys will do the Pinoy Ako Flash Mob at the Olympic Village on False Creek. Come and join the fun.Check the youtubevideo of Pinoy Ako under thePhotos and Videostaband tryto learn the Pinoy Fiesta: Unang Hirit sa Tag-Init flash mob dance.Mga Kababayan, Mag Hiritan tayo sa Sayawang Pinoy. Pinoy Ako! PinoyTayo! Kaya Natin Ito!

The First Ever Filipino Cultural Streeet Parade was A HUGE SUCCESS! A MONUMENTAL EVENT!

Thousandsjoined the paradewith colorful and amazing costumes and floats. And thousands more lined up on streetsto witness the first Filipino Cultural Street Parade last August 14th 2010.

To commemorate this monumental event, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Proclaimed

Filipino Fiesta Day in the City of Vancouver.

This years celebration will be another first to the Filipino community. For the very first time, the Filipino-Canadians will celebrate the very popular Pinoy Fiesta: Unang Hirit sa Tag-init at the famous Olympic Village on False Creek, Vancouver. The Filipino-Canadian community is going mainstream and is expecting thousands ofparticipantsand spectators to join the street parade and the festival at the Village.


For parade participation, volunteers, trade exhibits or sporsorship inquiries please email us atpinoy.

Interested to be one of our event sponsors?


Philippine Consulate General of Vancouver

Multicultural Sports Development Society

Metro Vancouver Philippine Independence Day Council

Filipino-Canadian Cultural Heritage Society

Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto

Pista ng Bayan Independence Day Committee

Filipino Community from the Interior region

Sons and Daughters of Sto. Domingo Canadian Association