Proper Use Of Tags 4 Tipso Grow Your Youtube Audience

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A tag is a keyword that you are adding to your video. These keywords describe and highlight the content that is in your video. Additionally, tags are extremely beneficial for getting addition views of your video. One of the biggest tips to remember when choosing your videos tags is be relevant to you video. You want to make sure that your tags accurately describe the content of your video. The more relevant your keywords the more views you will receive.

There are many different types of tags and they all serve a different purpose.

these are keywords that are specific to the content in your video. The topic of that specific video needs to be highlighted in the tags. Often times when you are typing words, Youtube will give you suggestions of keywords and phrases. If these apply to your content you should use them, however you should also add generic versions of those same words.

these are tags with two or more words used. Many people will tag the title of their video. If you choose to do this make sure you leave out propositions (and, as, or, etc) because Youtube ignores these words and you only have 500 characters for your tags. You should try to use all 500 characters allowed, but you dont want to waste them on words that will be ignored.

these are tags that have to do with the overall topic of your video. An example of this may be DIY, How to, or vlog. These words are probably going to be tags that you use in all of your videos. It is important to have a group of constant tags that are generic throughout your channel.

When thinking about the arrangement of your tags you should always put your most relevant and important keyword first. Youtube puts more weight on the first tag when selecting videos. Many people have difficulty when they try to rearrange their tags in Youtube.  If you have this problem, dont worry, there is an easy solution. To take the frustration out of trying to enter your tags in the correct order on the first try you can simply copy and paste your tags into a text document. Make sure your tags are separated with commas and arrange and rearrange until you are happy with the order. Then just copy and paste your final order back into Youtube.

It is important to keep a certain level of tag consistency with your channel. To ensure consistency you can create default tags that will appear on every video in your channel. To create default tags use, These default tags can be changed on individual videos, in case one or two of your regular tags do not apply. However, you should have multiple keywords that are constant throughout your whole channel. Why you ask? Well, you will have a higher likelihood of showing up in the suggested video column to the right, in return giving you more views. One thing to remember is that these default settings do not apply to videos that are uploading via mobile devices. If you are uploading a video on a cell phone make sure you remember to retag your default setting.

When you are trying to think of what tags to use brainstorm words that someone searching for your video might use. Think like a viewer. You want to use as many keywords as possible. If you are still having trouble thinking of new ones it is helpful to look at tags that close competitors are using. Check out the video below to find out how to best reference competitors videos.

Be smart with your tags and use them correctly. If you do they will become one of your best tools for gaining a wider Youtube audience. To see more tips on tags and metadata check outMetadata:What it is, how it can increase your Youtube views.

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