Rosemary White Beans (Zoes Kitchen copycat

Dreamy Creamy Rosemary White Beans (Zoes Kitchen copycat)

Dreamy Creamy Rosemary White Beans (Zoes Kitchen copycat)

Dreamy Creamy Rosemary White Beans (Zoes Kitchen copycat)

Dreamy Creamy Rosemary White Beans (Zoes Kitchen copycat)

If you are aware of the super popular Braised White Beans over atZoes Kitchen, then this post may have you all excited. They have many locations in 15 different states and it is a Mediterranean-focused menu. If youve never heard of them, still be excited, because these are the creamiest, dreamiest rosemary white beans ever, but totally oil-free. I first discovered Zoes Kitchen a few years ago, as I had heard about theseΒ famousΒ white beans through some friends and since I love rosemary, I was dying to try them. Oh boy, they lived up to every expectation. They are creamy, full of flavor, filling and simple. Just one big problem, FULL of oil. I could taste the oil in them, I couldseethe oil in them. Yuck. Well, that didnt stop me from eating there sometimes. I dont stress about eating so perfectly 100% of the time when eating out is concerned, because I dont eat out but maybe once a month. Even with the oil, its still a better choice than most out there, and unfortunately, they cant remove the oil. My family and I have always enjoyed eating those amazing beans. Well, I had always had it on my to-do list to recreate those beans at home. So, when one of my most loyal readers, Estee, asked me to recreate them too, that was the bump I needed to get it done sooner.

Well, Im here to tell you, not only did Inail the flavorand the texture……dare I say, they are even better?? My hubby and daughter were just flabbergasted at how amazing they are. My 4 year old even exclaimed Mommy, these taste just the same as Zoes! I was so happy because that is her favorite item to eat there and just loves them. But I hate consuming all that oil, so now we will never have to. I can hear my arteries rejoicing!

So, whether you know of this item or not, Im here to tell you that this is not a soup type of bean dish, itsmuchthicker, which should be evidenced in the photos. Its not a soup, or meant to be a soup, but rather, a side dish. However, I would never hesitate to eat a large bowl of it as my meal, as if it were a soup. They are super thick and creamy and thats just how I created them to be. It took me 3 trials to get it right. Since their recipe contains oil, I knew I needed to create that same creamy result without the oil. I did it by using a combo of plant-based cashew milk and brown rice flour. All versions, including Zoes just use broth I believe, but that was not working here, so milk and rice flour did the trick. It gives that same creamy richness, without the loads of fat or oil.

I still have no idea what the exact ingredient list is for their beans, but I was still able to pull off the flavor. I have always smelled and tasted a slight smokiness to the beans and even though they are vegan, they have that smoky ham flavor to them. I was able to recreate that by adding liquid smoke. It couldnt be easier too, its only8 ingredients(+ S&P),1 potandready in about 30 minutes!

Now, the restaurant doesnt add hot sauce to their beans, but hey, I always like to add a touch of hot sauce to the beans for that slight spicy kick. SO good. Hubby and daughter dont like it, but its just an optional touch if you like it. Sure is pretty too.

I really hope you all love theseDreamy CreamyΒ Rosemary White Beans, my healthy vegan oil-free version from Zoes Kitchen! You will be amazed at how identical they taste and can enjoy them guilt-free! Be sure to leave feedback below after you make them and star rate them, that helps me out tons, so thank you! You can also tag me onInstagramatthevegan8so it saves to my page and I dont miss the notification or post it on myFacebookpage….love seeing your pics!

These rosemary white beans are so creamy and thick and the perfect side to a main meal or can be eaten as the meal. They are very hearty and filling and the whole dish comes together in just about 30 minutes!

1/2 packed cup (80 g) white or yellow onion, finely chopped

1/4 teaspoon salt for cooking the onions, + another 1/2 teaspoon to add later

3 large garlic cloves, finely minced (11 g, I used big ones because I love garlic)

1/2 cup low-sodium veggie broth for cooking onions/garlic and 3/4 cup more to add later

1/2 cup plant milk (126 g, a creamy milk is best here, I used cashew milk, but lite canned coconut milk or soy work)

1 1/2 teaspoons liquid smoke (I used Colgin Natural Hickory, if you use Wrights brand, start with a tsp and add more to taste if needed, as it is stronger)

2 tablespoons brown rice flour (24 g)

2 15 oz cans low-sodium Great Northern or Cannellini Beans, drained and rinsed

Optional: drizzle hot sauce for a spicy kick

I make my own homemade cashew milk every single week. I prefer it over storebought as it is much healthier and fresher. Simply add 1 cup whole raw cashews to a vitamix (no need to soak them) and 3 cups filtered water and blend until smooth. Thats it! No need to strain it. Store in a sealed container in the fridge. One batch is good for a week. Stir it gently each time before use. This is a perfect milk consistency and sub for anywhere that calls for standard milk.

Tip for chopping the fresh rosemary. If youve never chopped fresh rosemary, it is very simple. Do not just chop the whole thing with the stem, or its too fibrous. Simply take your fingers and slide off the rosemary leaves pulling them off the stem in the opposite direction that they point. They will slide right off. A tip I learned from Giada.

Note that you will be adding salt and liquids at separate times. This is so the end result is the right texture and flavor. You will be adding the beans at the very last step.

a 1/4 tsp of the salt to a small pot. Turn the heat to medium. Stir and once it comes to a boil, let it cook at medium for about 8 minutes until the onions are very tender/translucent. We really want them soft so they dont stand out in texture at the end. Check and stir them a couple of times to make sure they dont run out of broth. After the 8 minutes, add the garlic and let it cook just a couple of minutes more. All the broth should basically be gone by now. Remove from the heat so you can add your other ingredients.

Add the remaining 3/4 cup broth, plant milk (I used cashew milk), rosemary, remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt, black pepper, liquid smoke and rice flour. Whisk really well to make sure all the flour is smooth. Once it is smooth, add the beans. You dont want to add the beans before whisking in the flour because you dont want to break up the beans too much.

Place the pot back over the heat and turn to medium heat. Once it just begins to bubble around the edges, cover with a lid and immediately turn to simmer for about 10 minutes. You will need to keep an eye on it and stir a couple of times so the bottom doesnt stick. It will begin to thicken nicely. The longer it cooks, the thicker it will get. I found 10 minutes to be just enough and the exact texture and thickness as the restaurant version. If you want it more soup-like, cook it less time or add a touch more broth. Taste and add any more salt if necessary, I did not. Depending on your broth, you may or may not need to. Serve immediately. I love to give mine a spicy kick with a drizzle of hot sauce, but this is totally optional. If you have any leftovers, it will thicken up a ton in the fridge overnight, so add more broth to loosen up if necessary and reheat on low. Depending on whether you serve this as a side dish or a main dish, the servings would vary from 2-4 people. They are VERY filling!

If you make this recipe, please do not repost it in full on your site, please link to me instead giving proper credit. I work very hard to create my recipes and share them for free, so please be respectful and link properly. If you are inspired by this recipe, again, please give proper credit and do not simply post it on your site.

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I just love how creamy white beans naturally are! This sounds super yum! Love that comforting rosemary 3

These look amazing and will be making them tonight πŸ™‚ just curious, what hot sauce you use….looks yummy!

Thank you Susan! I buy Sky Valley brand from Whole Foods…its my favorite. They have several different types, but its just the one that says hot sauce nothing extra or fancy. I cant wait to hear what you think!

thanks for the quick reply! I will be near a Whole Foods today and will pick some up! so happy I found you and your simple and delicious recipes πŸ™‚

Hi Brandi….unfortunately , I couldnt find the hot sauce at my Whole Foods. I looked on Amazon and I see Sky Valley but they all say Siracha Sauce. Is that correct? I usually buy Franks, but looking for something new πŸ™‚ thanks!!!! making these beans tomorrow πŸ™‚

Yes, Ive never found just the plain on Amazon either. Its not necessary for the beans, its just optional…but Franks would totally work! I guess different Whole Foods carry it and some dont. You are correct though, the Sriracha is not the same thing..different flavor. Awesome, cant wait to hear!

Comfort food perfection, Brandi! I love white beans and rosemary so I know this is a winner!

This recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing, Brandi! I can feel and taste the creaminess now. Definitely will have to go on my rotation list.

Oh my goodness, this does look like a total dream. I am so happy to see you using rosemary. I am really into it and have masses (and I mean masses) of the stuff in my garden – far more than I could ever use. What a beautiful recipe!

This is comfort food perfection! It looks so delicious and inviting. I have to admit Ive never heard about of Zoes Kitchen so this is new to me. But just looking at your recipe I can see why its your favorite. I really know I would love this and could eat the whole bach. So glad to see you find a way to create a oil free version of your favorite dish. The hot sauce on top looks superb. The middle picture and the last close are just gorgeous, Brandi! Im so hungry and craving this right now! πŸ™‚

You are so sweet, thank you so much Florian for the photo compliments! This was totally comforting and delicious, I think I could eat it everyday!

I love white beans! I always like to use them mashed instead of mashed potatoes to serve with veggies. One of my favourite dinners! This is calling my name… I bet its delicious with the rosemary πŸ™‚

These look great, Brandi! I love white beans!

Oh, my gosh! I am totally pinning these. I love how white beans are a blank canvas for flavors, so creamy, and can just pick up whatever theyre seasoned with. As a big rosemary fan, I know I would be all over these. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

I cant wait to try this! Im making this tomorrow. Thanks for posting such awesome, healthy recipes!

You are so welcome Valerie! I cant wait to hear what you think! πŸ™‚

Its on the stove right now simmering away filling the kitchen with delicious smells! I cant wait to try it! Thanks again Brandi ?

Thank you so much Beverley! I hope you love it!!

So I have never heard of Zoes Kitchen but I now have no desire to go there because these sound and look insane. I LOVE white beans and I LOVE rosemary. This dish reminds me a lot of my baked lima bean and veggie dish I have on my site, just the creamy bean consistency and the fact that you can eat it as your main dish or have it as a side. Its one of my favorite recipes and I know this one is going in on the rotation with that one because I know Ill love it. Seriously making this next week!!! And Im definitely doing the hot sauce. Hot sauce on bean dishes like these is AMAZING.

Thank you so much lady!! I will have to check out that recipe of yours! I can honestly say Ive rarely eaten lima beans in my life but I love ALL beans so Im sure I would love it too. I love beans in dishes because it makes them super creamy. Yes to the hot sauce, LOL! It kind of just goes on everything, right?!

Rosemary is the perfect compliment to white beans, but I love how you kicked it up a notch with liquid smoke and that generous hot sauce drizzle – oh my!

Ok, Ive never heard of Zoes, but Im pretty sure this would be my favorite dish! I love that you were able to recreate it without the oil – this seriously looks incredible. I absolutely love white beans because theyre so creamy on their own, but goodness, this is taking creamy to another level! I want to dive in face first!!! And that hot sauce swirl is so perfect! I love that you added in Giadas tip about the rosemary – shes so clever and back when we were staying with my parents, I really enjoyed watching her on the Food Network! Im pretty sure this dish will find its way onto our menu for next week πŸ™‚

Haha, gotta love Giada!! Thank you so much Mandy! These are so darn good and comforting, yet so easy! I hope you all love them!

I made this today, and we all (husband, teenage son, and I) absolutely loved it! We used cannellini beans and lite coconut milk. So smoky and creamy, it tasted completely decadent (but wasnt!). Thank you so much for the recipe.

Thats so awesome to hear Sabrina, Im so happy they were such a hit with everybody, thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback and rate the recipe, truly appreciate it!

made this on Friday night and loved them! So yummy , comfort food!

Thank you so much Yvonne! Im so happy you loved them, thank you for the feedback!

Made this last night for my nephews who were having a sleepover at my house and it was a HUGE HIT with all of us. We were too busy wolfing it down to take a pic but oh my! SO GOOD!! I will be making it often! Thank you Brandi! 3

Yay! So very happy to hear it was such a hit with everybody Dana, thank you so much for the feedback!!

Brandy – question: would you change any ratios if you were doubling this recipe? My family loves Zoes beans so I doubled and Im finding the smoke flavor a more than a titch strong – I taste it more than the fresh rosemary. Maybe it is the brand of Liquid Smoke (Wrights)? I cant rule out operator error but Im fairly confident I did 3 tsp. Any ideas? Sandy

Hi Sandy! Yeah, typically if I double a recipe, I will scale back a bit on the flavorings/spices as even though you are doubling everything, it still tends to cook about the same time so the flavorings dont always need doubling or they taste a bit too strong. I would have just started with probably 2 tsps liquid smoke. Whenever I double my chili recipe, I never double the chili powder/cumin for example and just add to taste.

Oh and yes, the Colgin liquid smoke and Wrights do taste slightly different. I thought I had used Wrights but I just looked in my fridge and I actually used the Colgin Natural Hickory for this. I just updated the exact one I used above in the recipe.

Ive never heard of these but Im excited alright! They look so rich and creamy 3 I love your tip on homemade cashew milk, its so unbelievably simple, no nut milk bag needed πŸ™‚ youre right, homemade one is so much better than store bought! I bet it makes the beans extra creamy

I made these tonight and they were seriously delicious (like all of the other recipes Ive made off of your blog!) So creamy, perfectly seasoned…the perfect comfort food. This didnt detract from the amazing was of the recipe, but the smokiness was a little pronounced for me, so Im curious about what brand of liquid smoke you use? I have found it slightly overpowering in pretty much all the recipes Ive made that call for it. Maybe I am just more sensitive to it and should just use less than called for going forward. I use Wrights (hickory) but its a bottle thats probably been in my cupboard going on 5 years now and Im wondering if it maybe gets more concentrated over time or something. I just ran out tonight but wanted to ask your opinion before I buy a new bottle. Thanks! I cant wait to keep trying more of your recipes.

Hi Emma! So so happy you loved it! Ok, you are the 2nd person who said they used the Wrights brand and said the smokiness was a tad too strong, so I believe that it is just stronger. I actually used the Colgin Natural Hickory brand in this recipe and found it just perfect, so Id recommend that brand, OR just use 1 tsp of the Wrights brand going forward and you can always add more later on if necessary. I updated the recipe to reflect that as well. I also think that something like liquid smoke tolerant levels varies as well because some people just dont like it at all. Thank you so much for making it!

I made this tonight and it exceeded my expectations! So delicious! I was a little concerned that Mr Pickypants (my 6 year old) wouldnt like it because he said yuck when I let him sniff the fresh rosemary, but he gobbled it up too! πŸ™‚ Next time, Im making a double batch!

SO awesome to hear this Eva, thank you so much for the awesome feedback and big win for the little guy loving it too, yay!

Oh my goodness! I just made these beans and took a taste and they are AMAZING!!!! Thank you, for sharing!

Wonderful Tina! Im so happy to hear that, thank you so much for making them and leaving feedback!

Ill never understand why people use a ton of oil to make beans creamy. Theyre creamy on their own! This looks like a totally dreamy way to make white beans, Brandi. And I love that your daughter compared them to Zoes. Too sweet.

Thank you Linda! I agree, and the Zoes, while tasty, I could always taste and feel the oil…so not necessary. Now I can eat these instead and they taste the same!

We have been huge fans of Zoes kitchen but as everyone knows their food is pretty much all full of oil. In come their beans, which are totally addictive and also full of oil. I am so glad you created these. They are lovely and yummy and creamy and smoky – totally addictive. Im so glad I made a double batch to begin with. I cant wait for a great bread recipe to pair these with and I feel so much better eating bowls of these since there is no guilt and no oil.

Thank you so much Estee! Im so happy you loved them so much! Thank you very much for leaving feedback!!

I just made these today and they are amazing !! i wasnt sure if I would like them because I have never been a fan of rosemary BUT I also have only ever cooked with dried rosemary not fresh. Anyway I bought some fresh rosemary and these were delicious – I cut back a bit on the rosemary because I wasnt sure I would like it but next time I will use the full recommended amount. I make baked beans (with molasses etc) regularly and the consistency of these is the same but the flavor of course is totally different. A winner!! Im going to bring some of these to a Good Friday meal we are invited to this Friday. There is going to be lots of meat there but this is something my husband and I can eat πŸ™‚

Im so happy you loved these so much Heather! Thank you so much for the fabulous feedback, thrilled you and your hubby love them! Yes, fresh rosemary is really strong, but it cooks down wonderfully and is so mild and mellow then πŸ™‚

Brandi, these have my name written all over them. I really need to try them. I even happen to have liquid smoke around [not regularly sold over here]. What I do not have and cant get in stores, though, is brown rice flour. Do you think I could sub whole wheat flour?

Yes, you can use regular flour, thats fine! πŸ™‚

Oh my word. These beans sound and look to die for. I cant wait to try these. Hopefully I will be able to make them this weekend. I have most the ingredients I just need fresh rosemary and veggie broth. Seriously I am forever impressed with your pictures and your recipes, you blow my mind. And the hot sauce idea sounds good to me. Yummy. I will try it on one bite first cause sometimes I can be a little sensitive to heat. haha πŸ™‚ The liquid smoke brand that I have is wrights so I will start light with the liquid smoke thanks for pointing that out.

You are so sweet Christina! I love your comments. Thank you so much for the compliments on my recipes and photos…Im so grateful that you make so many of my recipes and love seeing your pics on Instagram! Thank you as always!!

I love Zoes Kitchen, but oddly, Ive never noticed these on the menu! Im glad you made your own version – they look absolutely amazing, and rosemary is my favorite herb πŸ˜‰ Cant wait to try these! Pinning!

I made my own white beans from dried in the crockpot this weekend and then made your dish tonight with them. The only thing I didnt have was the fresh rosemary. I did have dried rosemary, though. I followed your explicit directions exactly and boy, I was not disappointed; These are these fantastic beans! Thank you so much for all the care that went in to this successful recipe. Fantastic!!!!!

Awesome Carrie! Im so very happy you loved these beans so much, thank you very much for making them and leaving feedback!

Made these tonight WOW really good. My husband loved them and is packing up the rest for his lunch.

Yay! So happy to hear that Gracie, thank you so much!

I love the flavours you have going on here and I am a sucker for hot sauce. They sound like the perfect combo and it adds such a pop of colour to those photograph too!

Yum! These beans looks so hearty and filling. I think Id eat it as a main course πŸ˜‰ Love the idea of drizzling hot sauce over them. Looks delicious, Brandi!

This looks so good! I would definitively add hot spicy sauce, or maybe sriracha sauce! Beautiful photos as always Brandi xx

Creamy and dreamy is right. I love white beans but we dont get them here.. they are so versatile in terms of absorbing flavor. Rosemary is perfect here too.

These sound so good. Ive never heard of Zoes either. But they look like they would be good scooped up in some soft naan. Wonderful side!

Never heard and tried. After looking at your recipe and picture I got so tempted. I am going try this soon.:) Looks wonderful!

i have never eaten at Zoes before but i do surely want these beans. l need some crusty bread to smear it over πŸ™‚

Ahhh yes, bread would be perfect for these, just posted this bread too and its delicious toasted along with beans or soup!

this totally does look creamy and dreamy! and it looks really comforting too! I love the addition of rosemary also I like the flavor added to soup like dishes like this! YUM πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much Michele! I love, love rosemary!

This really is dreamy and creamy, Brandi! I love that you added rosemary. What a great combo. πŸ™‚

These look divine, Brandi! Ive never heard of Zoes Kitchen, but that doesnt matter because now I have these! πŸ™‚ LOVE the hot sauce addition and rosemary is one of my favorite herbs! Cant wait for it to be growing like a week in my garden this summer! Side dish or not, I would make a meal out of these for sure!!

You are so sweet, thank you Jenn! I love rosemary too, one of my favorite herbs for sure! Oh and these are so darn filling, they are definitely a meal to me too!

These white beans look awesome!! Deffo a recipe for Dave as well. Lovely photos again, Brandi. A new setting, I like πŸ™‚

Thank you so much Hauke! I love how attentive you are, it really means a lot to me!

Wow these beans look sooooo creamy and delicious! Ive never tried white beans like this before, they sound incredible. I cant wait to make this Brandi!

Thank you so much friend! They are so darn creamy, like this must be bad for me creamy, haha, but they are so healthy! You definitely should try it, super fast to make too!

Brandi, wow what a surprise this dish was to both my newly ecposedtaste budsfrom zoes and to my guys first exposure! First off, great oil free translation- delicious and healthy… We had a thyme arugalu salad as a starter and the beans as an entree! Great work and great balance! We shared this recipe for 4 for actually about 2.5 ppl and felt vegetarien/vegan clean… Second, in our former lives we ate meat and it felt like this would be agreat compliment to a summer bbq for something more savory… Even agood complement to a kosher hot dog Ps i made this with dry beans and WOW! Just spent 15-20 mins at the end melding the flavor pot with the beans over simmer and viola!

Wonderful, so happy to hear you and your husband both loved these Allison, thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it! That thyme arugula salad sounds delish too, I love arugula and thyme so much!

We LOOOOOOOOVED this recipe!!! Insanely creamy, subtle rosemary flavor and perfect smokiness! We did a swirl of habanero hot sauce in the grown up bowls and it was just amazing. After taking a few bites on its own, I then added some sauteed kale into it and oh, man. SO good! I love the simplicity of this recipe and as always, incredibly flavorful. Well definitely make this again and again…we even got Willow to take a bite and she enjoyed them, too. Wonderful recipe and perfect comfort food!

Thank you so much Mandy! Im so happy you all loved it so much and adding kale sounds so darn delicious! Thank you so much for the feedback!

Where did you purchase your white bowls? Or are those ramekins…

Hi Mykaila! Those arent traditional mini ramekins, but rather large ones. They are kind of more like small bowls, about 4 inch wide. I am not positive where I got them, but I think from Homegoods. I buy a lot of my kitchen products from there.

Where did you purchase your white bowls? Or are those ramekins… Second, if I want to create this with raw beans would I need to do anything differently?

I would just cook your raw beans first like you normally would and then drain them and proceed with the written recipe.

These beans are simply amazing. Indescribably good. They have a savory, slightly smoky flavor and a seriously amazing texture. They feel so comforting to eat. I cant decide if it is the texture or the flavor that is the best part of this recipe. I think its both. I seriously could eat these beans erryday. I absolutely love love love this recipe. Simple perfection Brandi. I never work with rosemary so I wasnt sure if I would like the flavor of these beans but they were just perfect and amazing. You are a genius. πŸ˜€ P.S. I reviewed these beans before and I saw it post but the review is gone. I dont know what happened. Perhaps the website is having a bit of issues? I noticed that your post for your bread doesnt show the pictures anymore. I tried going to your website on three different browsers and on my phone and I see the same issue so I really dont think it is just me that doesnt see the pictures. I am hoping my review posts this time.

Yes, thank you so much Christina! I just transferred hosting companies for my site and some of the comments that came through during the transfer got lost, so thank you so much for leaving another! I see it now and the photos have been fixed on the bread post as well! Im so happy you loved these beans so much, I really appreciate the feedback!!

These are so good and they taste just like the ones at Zoes Kitchen. I made them for the second time tonight. Next time I am doubling the recipe so we can have leftovers. Thanks for a delicious recipe.

Thank you so much for the feedback Lindsey! Im so happy to hear you love them!

These were delicious! I used regular all-purpose flour and the recipe still turned out great! I think next time I might add some potatoes! Ive never had the white beans at Zoes Kitchen, but these were a hit for sure! My husband gobbled them up and I was just disappointed that I did not double the recipe!

Im so happy to hear that Reagan, thank you very much for the amazing review, I really appreciate it so much!

Thank you for the wonderful, healthy recipes! I especially like your notes and explanations. I made your creamy white wine sauce a few days ago (whole family loved it), and would like to use my remaining cashew milk in this (or another) recipe. Can you please explain the use of the brown rice flour? I live in the tropics and dont keep flour on hand (I dont bake), because its inconvenient to keep in the fridge/freezer/bug-free. If Im going to use it a lot, I can buy some, but for this particular recipe, is there something else I might try? If its for thickening, can I use arrowroot powder? Im new to vegan, oil-free cooking, and Im buying necessary ingredients as I go along, usually only about once a week or via mail order (vitacost). Thanks so much!

Hi there! Im so happy to hear you loved that white wine recipe, if you get a chance, Id love your star rating on it! As for the brown rice flour here, it is for thickening. I choose that as opposed to fats to keep them healthier and it helps to give the same thick, creamy effect without using oil. I have never tried arrowr